Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Others have NO Chance When Star Plus and Just Dance

Just dance is getting very good response, audition is finished in Delhi and Kolkata. This is the only first reality show in India which will getting contestant from outside country also. We can not ignore it because it is Hrithik Roshan show. This show is getting really hit especially for youngster’s viewers. I did observed in all episode of this show that very huge crowd, excitement, inspiration, energy, enthusiasm, motivation etc before starting the audition. Everybody are love to Hrithik, those youngster’s were mad behind Hrithik. These are coming for audition from various town, city and rural area of that state.

“DANCE” the word is giving us energy and enthusiasm and when we add some person...it give extraordinary or high level energy. And Hrithik is perfect man for dance. Contestant did given their view like some has left study for dance, some has taken inspiration from Hrithik, some has learnt dance from Hrithik dance, some has own passion, some has want to make career in dance, some are just want to earn, some are want to become famous and make own brand, some are want to dance with Hrithik etc.  Many contestants have entered in dance field when they were 10 year old.

The reality show  started from (1) Indian idol part- 1,2,3 (2) Hero Honda Sa re ga ma pa part-1, 2 (3) Little champ,(4) Music ka maha mukabala  (5) Chance pe dance (6) Dance  India dance (7) India’s Got Talent (8) Chak dhak dhum etc going on n on and  now (9) Just dance (10) X-Factor…

Audition Time;-
Contestants are facing good and bad points from judges and feel happy as well as sad, Some are qualified while some are disqualified. Some can not be able to hear negative thing. Selected are goes for next round and non-selected are giving commitment for next time they will select.

Some points I would like to highlight, we all know about this still I would like to share:-
(1)    Brands are getting good awareness by sponsorship.
(2)    Media channel is getting good viewership and TRP rating.
(3)    Voting by audience and calling by contestant through Noika, Tata or other mobile
(4)    Judges, guest (actor/actress), host of the show are getting good charge.
(5)    Top ten contestants and winner are getting good publicity. Then, they are getting work as singer, dancer, guest appearance for next show, anchoring in various other show, work as brand ambassador for brand, getting work as assistant and then make his/her career.
(6)    Parents are proud on their child during the winner time and feel sad during the loosing time.
(7)    Many others people are getting inspiration, motivation, learn new concept, knowledge, various tips, etc. form these show.

To attract the show, there are became various pre-dialogue or drama like insult, conflict between judge, crying, sad feeling towards contestants etc. Here we can say that reality show is base to enter in bollywood or entertainment field.  Majority youngsters are moving towards this field to make their career.
Overall viewership is high and getting high response as compared to other dance show because the strategy is Hrithik Rosahn who is good dancer as well as main host of the show is connected. Not only in India outside country he is also well known and contestants are coming from outside (New York) also. So that more chance to getting high response and maintain no.1 “Star plus” among the others hindi channel.
X-factor is also going good and getting good response even this show is also coming with new concept.
Really we can say that after taking reposition by Star plus “Rishta wohi, soch nai”.  Brand equity of Star plus is growing and Brand image is maintaining by sponsored of the show.

Share your views…We have Good CHANCE”….

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