Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Jaago re , Jaago re, Jaago re..Awakening by Tata Tea 25 years Old brand

Tata Tea 25 years old brand is celebrating silver jubilee with India as well also one of the leading company in Tea segment. Almost Hindustan Unilever Ltd & Tata Tea both are dominated in Indian tea market. As a corporate brand TATA, very strong brand equity, trusted brand and Tata always trying to fulfill its commitment towards consumers.

Tata is always ahead in CSR (Corporate social responsibilities) activities, always try to connect with Indian Nations by conveying good message to Indian people. The uniqueness of Tata is about whenever it will be promoting any brand with Indian nation, you will be assure finding that first phase of campaigning promotion with Indian nation then 2nd phase of campaign will be on Tata brand.

The strategy of Tata is always focusing on consumers from lower class to upper class people & gives value for money too.

Recently, Tata Tea has launched new campaign “Soch Badlo (Change mind) with Jaago re (Awakening)” whereas “Jaago re (Awakening)” campaign was getting huge response when it has been launched in 2009, still it is getting positive feedback, and taking good initiatives towards politics, corruption issues. From starting to end, the concept and message is being always same, maintain consistency with innovative campaign. Each campaign touches your heart, because it shows real facts about India.

Tata Tea brand Punch line:- “Jaago re (Awakening)”. You can also visit website

25 years Silver Jubilee new campaign: - “Soch Badlo (Change mind, thoughts)”.

The brief about “Soch Badlo (Change mind, thoughts)” campaign:-

Daily, Indian people are reading news about scam, corruption and same thing has shown in campaign, a man has lost hope about Indian nation, his mind became negative towards country due to scam, manipulation, corruption etc. And, telling his wife to make tea soon, and then suddenly track change.

Role of woman empower, wife is telling about how to making tea, when water is boiling, then it will have strength, sweetness that the same message is conveying about India. Likewise, India is boiling, and will come strength; sweetness then the colours will be change of India. The conclusion is about think positive, change your negative mind. Drink Tata tea, will be getting strength, sweetness and change the colors. India will be changing soon.

The voice over saying “ 25 year old brand Tata tea salutes to 64 year old brand India.”

“Jaago re (Awakening)”:- The concept about awakening created in order to generate awareness about election, votes and remove corruption.  Good initiative taken by Tata tea and especially campaigns are promoted by youth where youth are awakening to Indian people during election, avoid corruption with Tata tea brand portfolio.

Tata tea brand portfolio includes Agni tea, premium tea, gold tea & life which are covered together in each campaign.

Jaago re (Awakening) campaign link:-

(6) (Promotion with 3 idiots movie)

Market Players:-
There are numbers of more than 300 brands in the India whereas dominated by HUL and Tata tea which have presence in all pack size and price variants The other major players – Duncan’s, Eveready, Goodricke,  GPI, Waghbakri, Girnar, Sapat, Dhunseri,Mohini, Society, Marvel etc. have strong regional presence.

Among the other players, Gujarat (India) based Wagh bakri tea is right now strongly competing toward HUL & Tata tea, Wagh bakri has already covered 7.5 % market share.

Conclusion: - The way of 25 year celebration Tata tea brand with India which is really good by conceptually, it will be giving more strength & trust in consumers as well as brand. Same way, other side, Tata salt is promoting with punch line “Desh ka namak, Tata namak (Country salt, Tata salt) “.

 Jaago Re... Awakening !!! with Tata Tea

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