Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Innovation by Tata Tea Premium : Jaago Re (Awakening)

After completion of 25 years Silver Jubilee, again Tata Tea has released fresh campaign on “Jaago Re (Awakening) with innovative concept on “Complete Duty” along with promotion of Tata Tea premium brand. Whenever, Brand feels that Indian people are sleeping, immediately come out with “Jaago Re” campaign & give reminder that “Awake”. 

Tata tea is a playing significant role in tea industry (Beverage Industry) which is the largest & one of leading brand in India whereas standing globally as second largest brand in Tea beverages industry. Tata Tea is not just only brand, but also it is most trusted & symbolic for their consumers. Even though, Tata Tea is also leader in TVC Campaign among the tea competitors. Though, tea market is dominated by Hindustan Unilever Ltd & Tata tea in which Tata Tea premium brand having 18% over market share.

 Every campaign of Tata brands having a unique concept like “Soch Badlo” concept has been introduced on 25 years celebration (Tata Tea), “Desh Ka Namak, Tata Namak (Tata Salt), Poochh ne mein kya jata Hai (Tata Sky DTH Service), “Jeet Ki  Ghanti Kabhi Bhi baj Sakti Hai (Tata Docomo) and Recently released “Complete Duty” (Tata Tea).

We can definitely say that Tata Tea brand is not only as brand leader but also Brand Campaign Leader that always connected with socially & understand the Consumers.

Tata Tea premium brand Punch line: - “Jaago re (Awakening)”. 
You can also visit websitehttp://www.jaagore.com/site/

Market Players:-
 Brooke Bond & Lipton (HUL), Tata tea (Premium, Gold, Life, Agni), Duncan’s, Eveready, Goodricke, GPI, Waghbakri (Gujarat), Girnar, Sapat, Dhunseri,Mohini, Society, Marvel etc.

Campaign brief & Brand Strategy:-

The strategy has executed about taste & strength of Tea that you are realizing about awake.
Brand is appealing towards Badi Patti (Big leaves) & Chhoti Patti (Small Leave) whereas it is appealing as socially towards “Big Duty & Small Duty”.  The ad film about, a husband is coming back at home along with 3 person on single bike & saying to his wife that they already awaken & come back, showing his finger that gave Vote and replying that he has finished Big Duty. Wife goes to make tea & replied let’s have make a tea of “Badi Patti (Big Leaves) for Big Duty & Chhoti Patti (Small Leaves) for small duty.

But, man could not understand the difference & asked which one is small duty. Ultimately, wife is explaining the difference that 3 person on single bike, break the traffic rules. So, when will you follow the small duty (Traffic rules)? Finally, he realized and started background music “Jaago Re”.

Voice over is conveying brand features Tata Tea Premium “Badi Patti ki khushbu Ke Sath, Chhoti Patti ka Dum” (Fragrance of Big Leaves along with strength of Small Leaves).  At then end of campaign, wife is appealing that “Big & small are altogether, it’s completed either its Tea or Duty”.

Overall, it is good & creative campaign as usual that really AWAKENING…

Jaago Re… Share your views…

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