Sunday, September 9, 2012

RIN (HUL) V/s Tide (P & G) Detergent Powder : Consumers

Well known brands RIN & Tide washing powder, aggressively fight with each other in detergent powder segment as well as strong rival in market. But, now Kanpur (U.P.) based brand Ghari (RSPL) is also moving slowly to compete with them. However, Ghari has required to more strategically planning in order to cover market share.

Specially talking about RIN (HUL) V/s Tide (P & G), both brands are appealing on “Whiteness” in every TVC campaign, targeting to middle class consumers, both brands are already well-established & taken position in market.


Brand Analysis:-

RIN (HUL):- It is always coming with aggressive & challengeable brand campaign that challenge about “Whiteness on Cloths”. RIN washing Powders is already being endorsed by Bollywood Stars Mrs. Kajol. Overall, she is perfect as brand celebrity, completely fit to brand RIN. All major RIN washing powder are awakening to women & appealing to take challenge which creates enormous positive energy along with background children voice at the end of campaign. 

Tagline: - Chamkte Rehana… Tagline itself is making strong brand RIN & approaching aggressively.

Core Competency: - It is challenging as “Dugni Safedi (Twice Time Whiteness), because RIN has yellow fighters that remove yellowness from cloths & cloths remain as “Whiteness”.
A month ago RIN has released new campaign “RIN Challenge” which was being endorsed by Kajol, the campaigning strategy was approaching household & shown them Demo with the presence of Team RIN. Kajol is approaching one housewife & trying to find out “Whiteness”, she is showing yellow shirt where housewife is saying that it can not possible more whiteness. Kajol is giving challenge & calling to “TEAM RIN”, group of women are entering with RIN Powder & showing demo where Kajol is highlighting brand core competency “Yellow Fighters”.

At the end of campaign, Kajol is challenging “ab agla ghar apka (Now, next home is your)!

Tide (P & G):- It is always coming funny & straight away campaign with simple line “Chaunk Gaye? (Shocked?). Since many days Tide has extend brand & introduced “Tide Plus” that is also targeting to Laundry Consumers (Kind of Dhobi Ghat) because Laundry people are also doing business, they have also own consumers & offering them to make white cloths. It is good strategy to tap niche market where Tide can cover good market share & make loyal consumers.

At the end of every campaign, voice over is coming with Punch line “Tide hai, toh White hai” & “Tide plus Jo de White Plus”.

Conclusion: - RIN & Tide brands already established in market & consumers are very much aware with both brands. Both brands have loyal consumers that they are directly demand at provision stores, Kirana Stores or at mall. It is very less chance to switch over from one brand to another brand. Consumers are already being using & once they are accepted RIN or Tide, then it has rarely chance to switch over to either RIN or Tide vice versa. And, that’s why Tide has been choosing different market apart from existing.

Moreover, Ghari detergent is also trying to tap & compete with RIN & Tide. It is growing slowly & steadily. It may chance to give much impact on RIN & Tide if Ghari will make well Strategy.

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