Monday, January 7, 2013

Cadbury Bournvita: Badhaye Doodh Ki Shakti (Increase Milk's Energy)

Recently, Cadbury Bournvita rolled out with new campaign which is mainly focus on ‘Vitamin D & Milk’s calcium’. Almost, since 6 months brand Bournvita is trying to take position on ‘Vitamin D along with Milk’s calcium as U.S.P. where Bournvita conveying message that milk’s calcium will not be waste by using Bournvita. Because of Bournvita having ‘Vitamin D’ and children can grow easily.

Punch line: - “Badhaye Doodh ki Shakti (increase level of milk energy)”

Segment & TG market: - Energy (Nutritional) drinks, Targeting to children (5 to 14 years – Approx.)

Market Players: - Horlicks (GlaxoSmithKline), Boost (GlaxoSmithKline), Complan (Heinz India), Pediasure (Abott India)

Brief about Ad Film: - 15 days back, Bournvita has been rolled out new TVC campaign where child, mother & Doctor are playing role. Child is doing drama of illness because he wants to show & conveying something to his mom, also saying if you will be agreeing, she will be also agree. Child is saying that he is getting calcium by consuming milk which his mom believes. When Doctor is asking his opinion, he replied that milk’s calcium is going to waste without Vitamin D where Doctor is agreed with child’s opinion. Suddenly, mom is asking to Doctor that what I should have to give him. Child replied himself that ‘Bournvita’! Bournvita having Vitamin D by which milk’s calcium is not to be waste.

Branding Strategy: - Strategy execution is very simple; Bournvita is much emphasizing on ‘Vitamin D’ esp. for calcium. Such thing may be give negative impact towards brand because it is directly influence on milk. And, consumers are consuming milk since over many years & milk having calcium which makes us healthy, strong bones as well as also keep body strong. The TVC is clearly shown that child will not be getting calcium from milk if he/she will not consume Bournvita.

Even though, 6 month ago Bournvita has already been tried & released TVC where it was a question of calcium, one mother asking to her friend that what are you doing for calcium? Is your child getting calcium from milk? Then she is suggests to use Bournvita, which having Vitamin D and milk’s calcium will not be waste. At that time, TVC has been gone into controversy due to showing lack/weakness of milk which million of consumers are being used in India.
However, same things is going to be repeat in new TVC, just only ad film changed but message is remain same. There are so many innovative & creative ideas where Bournvita can be promote effectively & build up strong brand equity.

It was becoming very much popular punch line of Bournvita ‘Tan Ki Shakti, Man ki Shakti Bournvita’. It gives reminisces of childhood days, children were being sang song & Bournvita became strong brand at that time against rival Boost & Complan.

If Bournvita will be releasing continuous such TVC, it may down its credibility in market that will be definitely impacting on its brand equity. And, rivals shall be covering market share.

Normally, consumers are not paying much attention towards such advertisement while buying because consumers are much aware about Bournvita as precious old brand. Also, consumers are aware about Horlicks, Complan, and Boost etc. Children are consuming too. Once children are use any brand then it becomes difficult to switch over into other brand. That’s why every nutritional drink brands are commonly focusing on fast growth of children because brands having various vitamins, iron, protein etc. Still, all brands are trying to become differentiate with each others & cover market share.

Let’s see, How Bournvita will bee getting response of Vitamin D V/s milk’s Calcium ..

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