Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cinthol Deo Stick : Deo Reborn

The Most challengeable Game is Market Transformation from Trend Setter to Trend Changer. Trend changing is being happening rapidly & regularly because rival brands are rolling out with new concept & well-advanced features but it happen scarcely when one brand has already been set a trend for a longer period & rival brand is trying to change that trend. Fogg has been set a trend with ‘No Gas’ concept and became a leading brand amongst the deodorant market in India whereas in order to smash the market  Cinthol has recently launched  ‘Cinthol Deo Stick’ & extend the brand portfolio. Cinthol Deo Stick come up with ‘Deo Reborn’ campaign i.e. deo in stick form which is conveying message that 3 times long lasting and available for both men & women.

Though, Deo stick / Deo Roll on market is very petite in India but if your brand is enable to provide a satisfaction to consumers then it is highly potential to tap the market by shifting the settled trend. Primarily consumers are looking for three vital stuffs while buying a deo like long lasting fragrance, no side effect on skin & Flavor. If you are enabling to provide & sustain these three stuffs, your brand leverage ratio will be elevated & moving rapidly.

Cinthol Deo Stick campaign could be much better and effective instead of emphasizing on ‘Deo Reborn’. It should be emphasize more on to express the features of Deo Stick along with Catchy Punchline or clutter breaking concept which could be reflected directly on target audience like Fogg has released campaign ‘kya chal raha hai, Fogg chal raha hai i.e. (Whats going on, Fogg going on).  Otherwise, it will not influence towards consumers despite of new product innovation/invention. Consumers may buy such new product on trial basis and if they are supposed to like it then they will buy it based on satisfaction level instead of willingly go & buy this product ONLY. Brand feeling must come in the mind of consumers or else brand can not drive & reflecting / leveraging as it desired.

In order to transform from Trend Setter to Trend Changer, it requires ‘Clutter breaking & influential campaign or else everything remain same & can not change the settled Trend.

Trend Change with Brand Reflect = Consumers Connect!!!

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