Saturday, December 23, 2017

Pretty24 by Vini -

After  the brand Fogg Deo, another Conceptual Clutter breaking brand ‘Pretty24’ launched by Vini Cosmetics , into a Fairness cream segment against rival brands like Fair & lovely, Naturally fair, Garnier, Lotus, Fairever Fairness, Ponds and many others.

In a very short span, Vini Cosmetic has established No.1 brand known as ‘Fogg’ amongst the deo market which is willingly being accepted by consumers, and the success strategy behind it only concept of ‘No Gas’ which has executed aggressively  and obtain the position as a market leader. Likewise, recently launched another brand ‘Pretty24’ fairness cream with clutter breaking concept of ‘cream for all skin tones’ which is influencing like awake & aware about the perceptions towards fairness, its conveying message that change your thoughts rather than skin color.

0.36 sec. TVC campaign is recalling the entire trend & perception about fairness in just 4 steps which has been created by marketers since a decade ago. The 4 female having different skin tones & presenting the belief about fairness like: 
(1) Fairness is beautiness
(2) Created expectation by marketer that fairness is possible
(3) Every moment made realize that fair skin only measured as success
(4) Truth is that never informed that Skin color can never be changed 

Brand is aggressively trying to eradicate the concept of before/after 7 days/14 days skin fairness challenge i.e. indirectly affecting on fair & lovely brand & efforts to set a new market trend that cream can apply for all kind of skin tones& feel the confidence on your fairness.  Pretty24 is works like as an ‘outline’ which is adding hidden value.  

The entire TVC campaign is conveying precise communication which can not only influencing but it is more concerning the facts towards fairness.  Pretty24 is certainly can give impact on rival brands, and in addition to on fairness soap brands & relevant to entire segment. Though, the success ratio is depending on the result after applying by consumers. This can be considered as another trend setter example in the market which has created space/opportunity & can be market leader in fairness segment if successfully accepting by consumers likewise Fogg.

Such innovative concept must be needed to smash the competitive market & can highlight the new launch on unique way. It is most challengeable task to set a new trend as well as change the perception of consumers where execution of communication strategy must be on aggressive form.

Conceptual Communication, Sustain Brand Recognition! 

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