Wednesday, April 25, 2018

CSR Market & Brand Trend

Value of CSR = Value of Trust, and it worth’s only when fulfill the commitment 100%. In CSR, Brand is integrating with Society where the actual purpose is towards contribution for society. Looking into the current market trend, it seems growth in CSR and after digital marketing, nowadays many other medium/large size of companies are spending fix% on CSR out of total mktg. budget.     

Various CSR campaign commercial:  : Samsung Technical School – A CSR Initiative - We care for the girl child Out #StandByToughMoms  : Bournvita Exam Time Sale : Your second home | Join hands for the cause of women suffering from Postpartum Depression

CSR assist to increase the trust towards brand & corporate identity, as well also create an indirect awareness in untapped market too. Nowadays CSR is highly engaged & integrated with social media by creating Hashtag trend where brand gets prompt review/feedback/comments about the campaign. Moreover, the core significant of CSR is that it is creating an opportunity to connect with direct consumers, easily convey precise message and understand the suggestions/demand from existing or new customers. Brand value can also identify based on CSR execution & effectiveness regarding brand trust & loyalty.      
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Mainly brands have been taken initiative on healthcare, rural development, environment & education category which can be considered core part amongst the categories. 

Any CSR campaign will provide the valuable results only either ‘strong relevance between brand & CSR category like  Lifebuoy, Stayfree, Fevicol  CSR campaign etc. ‘ or ‘must have to create conceptual campaign like Tata Tea , Google Reunion etc  were an effective & interesting campaign despite of there is not any relevance between brand & CSR category.

After ‘Word of mouth communication, CSR is one of the strongest medium for brand re-call because brand re-call is not just simply remember/identify  the brand but in addition to its more relevance about loyalty, faith, sustainability & eternal impact across the marketLikewise Digital marketing, today, CSR is became an essential part for the company/brand across the industry in order to sustain brand loyalty in the market.
            ‘Rise Committed CSR = Arise Brand Value ‘

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