Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dhamakedar Competitive Festival Dipawali

The present scenario is became very Dhamakedar. Not only Dipawali but also all festivals are became competitive. Like consumers are became price conscious, All brands are becoming festival conscious, we can called that it is festival life cycle. Many campaigning will come on TV commercial, radio, print, ooh, BTL activities, online ad etc in up coming Dipawali festivals. Emotional campaign is starting with promotional strategy. Majority, campaing will target on print media and radio as well as BTL activities. 

Dhamakedar offer will come from the sectors like consumer durables, food and beverages, mobile and telecom, personal care, jewellery, electronics, home furnishing, paint industry, DTH service , finance and banking, automobile, IT sectors, and many more you can add.

Festival is very good opportunity for companies that company can reach close to the consumers and consumers can reach to barnd and brand become symbolically promise. But , the offer is comon like discount offer, free goods scheme, coupon and voucher, holiday trip, exchange offer, etc. So all these offer should require change, because consumers are ready to accept the change. Consumers are feel bore and clutter, no doubt they will see the advertisement and go to maket and even buy that product also. However , they feel clutter. If any kind of new promotional innovation will come, consumer feel enthusiasm towards that brand.

Promotional scheme is require innovative scheme like in TV commercial good campaign are come, OOH good innovative and cut-out hoarding are come, Good BTL activities are being done in urban as well as rural area. So why should not in Promotional offer??

Advertisers sholud take chance to launch innovative promotional offer. What you say !?

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