Thursday, December 30, 2010

1 brEaK (Viewers) and many many STAR (Star gold Channel)

We are know very well that how is important the "BREAK" in TVC for viewers and advertisiers.Every week channel (category wise) measured by TAM that we know.But, in conclusion at present scenario GEC category and Hindi -English news channel category are in top and very high competition between them. Each cetegory are giving at least 2 -3 minutes break and too rush advertisement in that break.

So, recently Star Gold channel (Star group of companies) has launced new concept of 1 break and enjoy the movie continue.This is entertainment and film category but the concept is good. Because time is changing every day, the rush of advertisers on TVC also increase their rush every day. People really feel clutter due to the break or advertisement , switch over to other channel, do their work untill the break is not finished, break is coming on the fun time etc. many reasons are there. So, to avoid this bad mood , star gold has launched this concept. Only this channel has implement some new concept.

Right now, channel are finding more ways to promote the advertisers product (Client & Ad agency ) like L-shoulder, scroll, moving logo,  etc. (Each type of this ad's are 10 sec.). Best example of many news chahnel, sports channel (esp. for cricket), you can see high branding. Also in IPL season , when 10 minutes breask ad (few seconds are remain..... people count that sec.).

Within the few times, other channels will also follow this breaking concept by different different way. Same like star gold channel, the radio station 95. FM has also launched innovative concept before 1.5 year that "13 songs (Maximum song) in 1 hour." If channel will thinking bothside viewrs as well as advertisers,
they will get leading position from competitive market. Advertisement is also need to create awareness, new product, scheme, etc. in market. But, the important is to make and implementation of strategy from bothside.

So, enjoy the entertainment..... we will meet same palce.. (?) time after  1 BREAk.................

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