Monday, January 24, 2011

Employee Retention, Required Your Attention

Very heavy word "Employee Retention" for both company as well as employee.

We all know that Employee retention is became too much important like sales. Before 5 years ago, we were giving important sales and every one told that sales is blood of organization, without sale organization can't run. Even today's we are giving important to sales but simultaneously company are also giving too much important to employee retention like sales. Comapny are taking care and more concious towards executive/employee.

We know that since 3-4 years job turn over ratio is increasing day by day. There is high growth of job turnover ratio. The reason behand that due to salary, growth, promotion, working culture, working pattern, work atmosphere, politics, egosim of boss, pressure etc. You see that whenever you take an interview , you will find majority reason salary, growth, pressure,politics,working pattern or atmosphere respectively. Every day you will get new regarding job turnover either from friends, collegaues, family, news or related other sources. Job turn over ratio high not only bottom level but also top level.Due to high job turnover, company has down their salary structure or scale.

Comapny are changing their HR policy & rules, working method.Let's discuss about some tips to retain employee like (1) Free atmosphere (2) To make pressureless working profile (3) To celebrate festival, birthday party (4) Weekend holiday or half time (5) Fully Entertainment during the working time like music or radio (6) To give free movie ticket or other every mont or as per convinency (7)To make less political system (8) To make transperancy in organization (9) To organize holiday trip (10) To give reward or complimentary gift on regular (Not only sale person but also back office executive) (11) To set  effective working hours (12) Every qtr. arrange get together program (13) Qtr. increament on the basis of performance (14) To make different working style (15) To organize some event quaterly (16) To give education benefit employee's family  etc. you can add many more... From above mentioned, there are already used  by many organization.

Especially, for today's young generation require or they demand all type of these freedom.(Age group 22-35 years).These will give effective result in work and also grow your organization.

No tension + Attractive combination + Give satisfaction = EMPLOYEE RETENTION

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