Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wellness-Fitness V/s Traditional Exercise = Choice is your !!!!!!!!

We are very well aware about wellness-fitness centre and many people (Male/female) has change their  morning-evening health schedule as well as more follow towads various health and wellness centre. Like other industry, health & wellness industry is taking growth and entered in indian market very aggressively within 3 years. Health and wellness industry has created awarenes very aggressively and people are also moved towards there. If you observed that within 3 years, many wellness centre, fitness centre, gym centre are opened in all metro city of india.

We can also say that  the growth of wellness industry is going too much high as compared to traditional exercise. It can also say that there is not growth or degrowth but stability is there in traditional exercise. People who are in age group between 30-45 years (70% female - 30 % male approx.) going to wellness - fitness centre. People who are age group 50-70 years going to traditional exercise (Walking, jogging, yoga, aasan etc.). Some people are attend both.

Traditional exercise is most effective and give reliable result as compared to fitness centre. If you will control on junk food etc. and regular yoga, various aasan, walking, pranayam then no need any fitness centre. Time & trend is changed, various tools are available in market and fitness centre, so people are more believe in that exercise which is available in various body-health centre. Some times it shown as status for luxurious class, upper middle class.  So many advertise are coming daily in news paper, hoarding, cable ad etc. What you say.... give your opinion, it is really important....for all...

So, what you want for your health WELNESS OR TRADITIONAL EXERCISE???????
                                                     "CHOICE is YOUR"

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