Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ways to sustain in competition = NOKIA (connecting people)

We all know about mobile handset market, its scenario, overall market trend, demand etc.Mobile handset market competition is going high as compared to brand growth. Day by day new entry is also increasing and every company is finding various ways to sustain in market, cover market share from other brand or untouched area etc. Not only in mobile handset but also in telecom service providers. Both are facing same situations.

Today, everyday we are facing an advertisement of various mobile handset in which "PRICE with lot of features" very important factor. Majority all brands are focus on Pricing part and giving advertisement full page or half page in news paper. Whereas NOKIA a leading brand started to using different strategy to to sustain in market as leader.

No.Of Players in market :-(Includes only middle class,lower class, upper middle class related mobile, not includes HTC,Hitech,Black berry etc.)
Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Videocon, BPL, LG, Motorola, Lava, MAxx, Micro max, Karbon,Spice, Intex, Zen mobile, Airfone and others

Strategy Part:-
Majority all mobile brands are using pricing strategy by various ways. Today also Nokia is no.1 brand as well as brand leader in market. However, the overall market share is going down , it has reached around apprx. 56% near. which was 75% before 2-3 years ago. Samsung and Sony, and other new comers brand covered very good market. Samsung has majority covered and broken the nokia share by introducing aggressively various economical range with lot of features.

Still Nokia is fighting continue, Nokia is always showing the good customer service and that is the core competencies of Nokia. Before some years, ago there was problem in Nokia battery BLC-5 and at that time Nokia has won the trust of Indian people by giving good service.

The situation again Nokia has started using more customer care services "Nokia Priority Partner"
Nokia has already launched various 3 campaign of customer care Priority partner. When we are buying any mobile handset, lot of questions raise, we compared with other mobile, compared features,guarantee, uses, battery problem etc.we are finding by ourselves on internet, to friends etc. So, to solve various queries,problem, Nokia is there. Nokia priority center is giving to you all solution of Nokia problem.

Sometimes it happen that many other showroom or retail outlets can not able to give proper answer. So at that time this will help us.

Here is advertisement link, you can check:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75lZWnGGExk

To stay in competition, Nokia are using differentiation strategy and Customers is first priority we all believe, Nokia is doing really and always keep connect with brand.
Just before few days there was debate on "Which is the best mobile brand"? Majority answer was Nokia ans samsung
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