Friday, October 28, 2011

Power In Your Hand....What you say?

Yes, control in your hand, we are facing lots of innovation day by day since 3-4 years. Now, innovation came in Insect control market also where strong competition between Good Knight, mortein and All out brand. 

A great time was coil where people were using coil to avoid mosquito’s and at that time a brand which is known as” Kachhua chhap” (Turtle Sign), a very famous brand for killing mosquito ‘s in India. And then slowly it was made some innovation where few brands have been entered in market with “Mat” segment. “Mat” were using by middle class and upper class family also. It has been also an available “Aerosol “segment for killing mosquito as well as cockroach which includes brands like Hit, Mortein etc.
Again, it was made some innovation where brands were coming with vaporizer/ liquor refill segment. And All out brand were taking position as “Machharon ka Yamraj” (Devil of Mosquito’s), it became market leader in Vaporizer segment against Good knight. This vaporizer segment has been influenced on coil & mat segment also. Due to the smoke of coil, consumer were facing problem and All out have been taken first mover advantage in vaporizer market and became market leader.

And, it has been again innovation in Vaporizer to control on “huge mosquito's” as well as also innovation made by Good knight coil segment. Innovations has been made which are as under:-

(1)    Good Knight advanced has made innovation in Coil segment that it has been developed less smoke coil and no find any mosquito. So, less smoke and no mosquito.

      (2) All out came up with Power slider where you can control slider as per mosquito’s ratio. You can increase or decrease your power slider as per mosquito’s ratio.

     (3)  Good Knight Advanced brand came up with slider mode like push mode and active mode. So, you can change as per mosquito’s ratio. 

     (4)    Mortein has also been launched new brand “Mortein power guard “where it can kill both mosquito's & cockroach. And the focus on “Saat Guna Shakti Shaali” (Seven times energetic).

Insect control Market segment& it’s relatively share in %:-
       (1)    Mat 10 % 
       (2)    Coil 50 %
       (3)    Vaporizers 25 %
       (4)    Aerosol & Cream 15% 

The overall insect repellent market has been grown 27 billion at the end of 2009-10 and it is estimated to grow to a sizable market 39 billion by end of year 2014-15.

According to Nielsen survey July 2011, Good knight has been take over market share from All out and became leader in liquid vaporizer segment. Good Knight (Godrej) share was 43 % where as All out  (SCJ India) share was 42 % which was little over. Godrej has been executed good strategy by making continuous innovation and covered market share where All out was playing since many years in this segment.
Overall Godrej brand Good knight is growing continuously since many years compared to rivals. 

Bollybood actress Rani Mukharjee, Vidya Balan were endorsing brand Good Knight and then now came up with new campaign Good Knight advanced where two children are playing role with punch line “Push Karo, Khush Raho” (Do it push, Be Happy). This punch line is very effective which can take position in market.

You can watch advertisement where brand has been made innovation in vaporizers & coil:-.

(2) (Good knight advanced Old advertisement)

(3)  (Good knight advanced New advertisement)

Such innovation is helpful because increase in mosquito’s ratio and people are facing many disease due to mosquito’s, as well we know about weather also now a days. So, more active insect control will definitely helpful. 

What you say….”Power In your Hand?

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