Monday, October 31, 2011

Whisper V/s Stay free ...And now Sofy side walls in Indian market....

Yes, Whisper and Stay free both brands are consistently fighting through out the year with wide range of products in sanitary napkin segment (Menstrual period). Both brands haves very wide range of products length as well as depth. And, both brands are offering customized sanitary napkin with different sizes & varieties. It was a day where Stay free brand was leading in sanitary napkin market. But, now Whisper is became leader with playing 40 to 45 % (Approx.) market share. Whisper has made lots of changes and promoted by strategically each brands.

In 2005, whisper has been created a great campaign with the punch line of “Have a happy period”. The word is directly related to “Period” (Menstrual). 

Brands: - Whisper (P & G), Stay free (J & J) and now Sofy side walls (Uni chem).

Segment: - Sanitary napkin pad

Total market of sanitary napkin: - Estimated market is Rs.1, 350 crore in India which is mostly dominated between two brands Whisper (Procter & Gamble) and Stay free (Johnson & Johnson).

Whisper Strategy: - Whisper is consistently coming with good campaign where it can get clear message, and also promoting by various ways and strategically. It is promoted not only by television commercial but also it has been used promotional activities. And, today’s time everyone know very well & getting maturity early, so brand is consistently engaging with consumers needs. Every time, both brands has been extended its portfolio in consideration of women/girls problem. 

Whispers core competency is its punch line “Have a happy period” which is very helpful to attracting consumers, as well it gives you in return real happiness. Therefore, whisper brand is became market leader. And still it is growing. Before a month, it has released campaign on “Girls Dosti (Friend) Whisper magic contest” where whisper brand was sponsored in India. 

Saina Nehwal a sports person of Tennis in India, who is endorsing brand Whisper. Whisper is targeting women/girls where they can feel comfortable at any place either sport, dancing, in night, on travel or on the way etc. 

Stay free Strategy: - If you consider as brand, that it is good brand and also well known, Stay free has also executed as ‘brand power’ strategy. It has also wide range and customized brand portfolio. But, still it has lack of build strong image like whisper. 

Recently, Stay free has launched new campaign few months ago “ Ab waqt hai badalne ka” (It is a time to change”). It is focus on “Change your thinking level; it is a time to change”. And it has been focus on Army women in campaign. Stay free is also sponsored with serial “Diya Aur Baati Hum” which is telecasting on Star Plus channel.
Link of advertisement:-

If you will analyze both advertisement, you will find about Whisper and Stay free that:-
Whisper – possible Campaign where it is showing that all this is possible, nothing is impossible if Whisper with us. It gives you confidence and makes you happy. Saina Nehwal telling that 1 crore women are likes whisper.
Whereas Stay free campaign is showing “Change your thinking level and it is a time” means it also gives you confidence by other way.Still, it can not beat whisper, now it will be difficult to beat. 

And, now other brand “Sofy side walls” entered in Indian market which already leader in Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, China and Thailand. Bollywood actress, Prachi Desai is endorsing “Sofy side walls” brand. Sofy brand is come with concept that it will get full of protection from both side of dipper and brand promotes itself as “Side walls”.

There is huge opportunity in Indian market for this segment. Because, still only three well known brands are playing in Indian market.

Let's see, wait n watch....

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