Thursday, November 10, 2011

Old is always Gold !!! Remember your old days and Enjoy old Advertisement

(A) There are some brands which were failed or still existing in market.
(B) There are some brands which have been taken reposition.
(C)There are many brands which can not forgettable, it gives reminisces frequently.
(D) There are brands which have not changed its "Jingle or Punchline", changed in picture/ visualization, character, music but not in jingle or punchline, Character.
(E) There are brands which were either exist or out dated, still we can not forget it. Existing brands are playing in market and already built up brand equity in market. 

I would like to share all brands of television commercial which brands are much much much OLD & STRONG. 

(1) Nerolec Paint:-  (Nerolec)   (Nerolec old ad)

(2) Cadbury Dairy milk:-  (Cadbury)

(3) Vicco Turmeric :-  (Vicco turmeric)  (Vicco turmeric)  (Vicco Vajradanti)

(4) Pan Parag:-  (Pan Parag Old)

(5) Complan:- (Complan old)

(6) Bajaj :- (Hamara Bajaj)

(7) Parle-G :-  (Parle-G)

(8) Lijjat Papad :-  (Lijjat Papd)

(9) Amul Corporate:-  (Amul old ) (Amul New )

(10) Rasna :-  (Rasna Old)  (Rasna Old)  "I LOVE YOU Rasna" (Rasna new )

(11) Surf Excel :- From this ad, "Dag achhe Hai" brand has established.  (surf excel old)  (surf excel old)

(12) Hutch & Vodafone:- Remember Pug (Dog), Hutch is now Vodafone.  (Vodafone)  (Hutch is now Vodafone )  (Hutch)

(13) Fevicol:-  (Fevicol)  (Fevicol)  (Fevicol)   (Fevicol)   (Fevicol)

(14) Lifeboy soap:-  (Life boy)

(15) Videocon Washing machine:-

(16)Dabur Lal Dant Manjan:-

(17)Tata tea:-  (Tata tea)

(18) Zandu Balm:-

(19) Bournvita:- Tan ki Shakti man ki Shakti Bournvita, old ad

(20) Nirma washing powder Nirma:- Dudh si safedi Nirma se aaye...........Sabki pasand Nirma..

I hope, you will enjoy and remember old days, i assure you will smile also in some advertisement. But all brands are strong.


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