Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happydent Sugar Free Chewing gum by Perfetti Van Melle

A Well- known brand Happydent by Perfetti Van Melle has released new “sugar free chewing gum” in India. Overall Perfetti is playing in two segments sugar confectionery market and another is healthcare market. Perfetti has evolved good brand image and already been taken strong position for few brands like Chlormint, Center fresh, Center shock, Alpenliebe, Big babul, Mentos and Happydent, as well all brands are running successfully in confectionery market against rivals.  

Perfetti is holding more than 25% market share as well as market leader, largest player in confectionery market. And, ITC Ltd, Wirgley’s are followed by Perfetti van Melle. Today’s confectionery market is growing very fast and slowly company are introducing variant candy, chewing gum especially mint base. Mint base market is growing slowly which is being used as mouth freshener, throat infection & after smoke or it can say multiple benefits.

Happydent has achieved an award of ‘Best advertisement” in India.

Happydent brand established as “Sparkling Teeth” in healthcare segment, and ‘sparkling teeth’ is showing in every television commercials. Happydent white has already been extended its two ‘sugar free’ brands which are known as Happydent Petrox and Happydent white Xylit that includes ayurvedic ingredients. Recently, a month ago Happydent white launched other ‘sugar free’ brand which is know as Happydent Complete chewing gum.

New brand: - Happydent Complete which is sugar free gum.

Brand Endorser: - Bollywood Actress Mallika Sherawat.

Punch line: - “Jai Roshni Baba Ki”

Brand Campaign: - Very funny television commercial and strategy is focusing on “sugar free” gum concept as well as your teeth also become strong. Despite of sugar free concept, normally mass consumers are consuming it and the word “sugar free” is use for diabetic people. And, today many other brands are entered in market as “Sugar Free” which are targeting to diabetic people in India. And, in television commercial, there is not conveying any kind of message which can relate.

Normally, confectionery brands are selling more on pan shop, Kirana stores or provision stores and now medical stores are also selling mint base candy & chewing gum too. So, it can say that “sugar free” concept may not match with target market as well as ‘Happydent Complete’ brand is more focus on mass than specific market.

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