Monday, December 19, 2011

Star One channel is became now LifeOk

Star Group Channel Star one is now became Life Ok channel on 18th Dec., 2011. Yesterday, it has been launched as well as also promoted by Bollywood Actress Madhuri Dixit; it was good launching with online live concert from 12.00 pm to 8.00 pm. As well, television promo & OOH have already been started since few days back; LifeOk will broadcast with all new GEC programs.

Star Plus has already been taken reposition by changing its logo on Diwali Festival time in India and, then Star Gold has been change logo & kept same one as of Star plus. But, Star one has made totally change name as well as logo with animated character & different colours.

Reposition is very important things where it needs to lots of work during changing logo, punch line, packing or else. Since 4-5 years, time is going to take reposition; many brands have already been changed its logo or change company corporate logo. If we talk about GEC channel, Zee Network (Zee Tv, Zee cinema etc.) changed. However, it has not being getting good feedback as well as not taken good reposition.

But, here LifeOk channel name and program which will be showing, both have difference. It can not match perfectly. It can say that it might be trying to get different identity in order to take strong position. The important thing is that it can not say that LifeOk because, there has not been change in program categories compared to other GEC.

The meaning of LifeOk is that you are getting assure satisfaction, fully entertain, happiness, joy etc. with family or lonely. And, if you will analyze the program and watch program, Will it be give you LifeOk? The name of this channel LifeOk can be strong point where it will be take reposition.

If we are normally speaking about Life ok or if we will ask anyone that about LifeOk, quickly they perceived about health. So, the name is major directly related to Health instead of entertainment. However, still it can not say assure about that it will get success or not to take reposition and build up brand image because, it has just released now.

Will it get success and make really LifeOk of viewers or not?

Let’s see!!!

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