Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Complan, Horlicks And Bournvita V/s Energy of Milk

A strong rival brands “Complan, Horlicks and Bournvita” are now conceptually focusing on “Energy of milk”. All brands are targeting on children growth by which conveying common message i.e. it includes many types of vitamins, proteins, calcium which will make strong bones, gives energy & growth.

Recently Bournvita has released the aggressive campaign on “Getting Calcium from milk or not?” It has shown in television commercial where one mother is asking to another mother that “what are you doing for calcium while you are giving milk to your child?” And, that another mother is replied thrice time “I am giving milk to my child”.

At that time, first mother is pointing out that “your child is getting calcium from that milk or not!”. Then quickly, another mother feeling confuse and thinking, what does it mean?.

And at the end of campaign voice over conveying message that “Use Bournvita which will be quickly absorbing with milk where children can get good energy”. Overall, Bournvita campaign is seems like as Horlicks campaign. As well, Bournvita has executed similar concept as like Horlicks.

Horlicks is now coming with the punch line “Dudh main Horlicks Milao, Dudh ki shakti badhao i.e.( Don’t drink milk without Horlicks) which is targeting to children.

Therefore, Bournvita also came up with similar concept. However, this campaign has been come back from market due to “your child is getting calcium from that milk or not!”. And, again it has come up with new one tvc campaign. That prior campaign was giving negative impact in market and television viewers also feeling clutter because it has launched very aggressively as well as running continue through out day. New campaign is good and it may again change the mind from old campaign.

If we talk about Complan brand which is being promoted by punch line “I am Complan Boy” since brand launching years. Today, Complan brand is also focusing on that same “energy concept” but it is more focusing on “Height wise growth”. The TVC shown that children will grow four time fasters than normal one if they will use Complan.

Recently, Complan has also released campaign in which a crowd of mother is visiting to “Department of Nutrition” where a Doctor is explaining the benefits of Complan. The main thing is that showing “Department of Nutrition” in order to attract consumers and getting trust from consumers.

It may give negative impact if such brands will be promoting by over-act. It gives clutter too where viewers may avoid advertisement. Because, everyone Indian is know very well about “Complan, Bournvita and Horlicks”. So, it does not need to promote by over-act or very aggressively where it feels clutter.

“One Milk, Three Brands Complan, Horlicks & Bournvita.” So, Do you want Energy of Milk? 

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