Thursday, January 5, 2012

Packaging Strategy with Innovative concept

Company Brief:-
Vini group of company has established in March 2010, a founder of company Mr. Patel had been working with Paras pharmaceutical as well as handle many brands of Paras pharmaceutical. Vini group of company is offering various cosmetic as well as healthcare products. As well, it has been released only cosmetic, skin care and hair care brands.

There are few brands available in market like ‘White Tone Face Powder, Quco Hair perfume, 18 + Deodorant’. All brands are taking position in market as respectively segment and trying to cover up market share.

Overall, brands are targeting on premium segment and more targeting to youth class categories.
Recently, Vini group has released new body spray brand ”Fogg” for men and television commercial has already been released with good concept where no any other body spray brands have not been released advertisement yet. So, it can say that it will be U.S.P of ‘’Fogg”.

Brand: - Fogg (Body Spray)

Punch line: - Phir Khattam (Again Finished)

Campaigning Brief & Strategy:- The television commercial is focusing on unique feature where a young person is spray on his body but, he just feel as bottle has emptied soon and again then quickly his mood off and thrown that empty bottle. The reason is shown that more gas in bottle than spray and spray is empty very soon.

At that time, a voice over is introducing new Fogg brand body spray which gives pure perfume with full of bottle. As well, it is also showing difference between Fogg brand & normal other body spray brand.
Normally, whenever we spray on body, many times it feels that less spray & more gas where bottle is finishing soon. So, the main strategy is focusing on “Packing” point of view where Fogg brand is taking an opportunity to establish in market by conceptually.

It can also say that this concept may be impact on other rival brands either directly or indirectly. And, this “packing” concept will be core competency and U.S.P for Fogg brand.

Let’s see…How it will be impact further and get success or not.

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