Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tata Nano V/S Bajaj RE60 (Bajaj Auto Ltd Compete against Tata Nano)

A New Year has just started and Bajaj Auto Ltd is entered in four-wheeler market in India, and starting New Year with new segment and new market against Tata Nano. Yes, a second largest two-wheeler Bajaj Auto Ltd has now come up with small car segment with very economy price under the brand name Bajaj RE60 against Tata Nano; as well compete with Tata Nano.

The RE60 (Bajaj Auto Ltd) car has just introduced today (3rd January, 2012) in Auto Expo at New Delhi as well as also released PR too. History of Bajaj where it was starting from Bajaj Scooter to Bajaj Chetak to Bajaj Pulsar with DTSi (Digital Twin Spark Ignition) Technology to Bajaj Discover that gives us reminisces, now coming into four-wheeler segment.

Even today we remember well-known tagline “Hamara Bajaj”. I would like to share that old advertisement. Hope, you will assure enjoy and go into back memory.

New Brand Car of Bajaj Auto Ltd: - Bajaj RE60 (RE stands for Rear Engine whereas 60 stand for Low emissions: CO2 - 60gm/km).

Target Market: - Commercial users as well as three wheeler vehicle users market.

Price will be Apprx. : - 1, 25,000 INR (Yet not assure fixed price, it may little vary)

Brief about Bajaj RE60:- First time, Bajaj Auto Ltd entering in four-wheeler market and it will be competing against rival Tata Nano. But, if you will see on designing part in terms of shape, it may little bit similar like Tata Nano.

The other thing is that if Bajaj RE60 will be target to three-wheeler market then it may chance to get complexity because Bajaj itself is worlds one of the leader in three-wheeler vehicle market & Asia’s 3rd largest player. So, what will be about three-wheeler vehicle market?

Whereas Tata Nano is overall targeting to middle class people who can able to buy economy car. The strategically part may be good because recently it has been announced that Tata Nano is going to replace its starter motor in free-of –cost due to complaint from market. Therefore, it may say that good chance to grab an opportunity during this time.

Well, the competition will become good on price & features point of view because both brands are offering low cost as well as difference in features too.

Let’s see what happen further? Still Bajaj RE60 just unveiled in market. So, we can not say much more about its response.

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