Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What an Idea Sirji......

What an Idea Sirji? A very well known and already built up stong brand image in the mind of consumers. Very catchy and funny punchline. Even though 8-10 year old child can able to identify brand Idea (Idea Cellular:- Aditya Birla Group) from punchline “What an Idea Sirji”. As well as the words like “No idea” then Get Idea “ also well known that automatically recall the brand Idea.

Ideaalways coming with creaive branding campaign which is endorsing by Bollywood Star Mr. Abhishek Bachchan. Though, Idea could not achieve good market sahre yet as compared to Vodafone & Airtel . Brand Idea is followed by Vodafone & Airtel, however Idea is continuing its efforts in order to reach maximum consumers.

Since 3G seriv e intorduced in Indian market, Idea is being continued with 3G serivce campign. It has already been intorduced various 3G serivces campaign in India which is being endorsed by Mr. Abhishek Bachchan. On otherside, Voddafone, Airtel, Reliance have also been intorduced 3G serice campgininnitially. But, now only Idea is standing on 3G serivce stage whereas other rivals are focusing on different serivce.

Reecently a week ago, Idea has intorduced two new apps on 3G phone (1) Google Goggle apps and (2)Mosquito Repellent apps

(1) Google Goggle Definition:- A visual search application for Androids and iPhones from Google that identifies objects by taking their pictures. Artworks and books are matched by their images, while stores, buildings and landmarks are identified by their image combined with the GPS and compass coordinates captured by the phone.

To know practically log on :-  http://www.google.com/mobile/goggles/#landmark

Ultimately, your 3G phone will find any address or details through “Image” which is taken by phone or availabe in phone.

Campaign Brief:- Mr. Abhishek is entering in heaven and meanwhile security man asking “Who are you”? and Mr. Abhishek Bachchan is introducing himself by taking photo and search in phone,and  searching result come whereas it has written “Sirji”. Promptly that security is identifying  Mr. Abhishek Bachchan.  And, at the end security man also asking that what are the other things come?.

So, overall campaiging execution startegy and concept is really nice. However, due to short time perios, it feels little lack in understanding the service Google Goggle apps where Abhishek is taking his photo and showing search result, so that moment is little fast or not understaning quickly.

But, overall the branding campaign and strategy is really nice. Idea has an good opportunity because yet no any other rivals has come up with such apps. If rivals (Airtel, Vodafone or Reliance) are offering then, It may chance toget lack of awareness. And,People will believe that only Idea is offering such service, other service provider are not offering.

(2) Mosquito Repellent Apps:- Now, it becomes more easy that you can remove mosquito through your 3G / smart phone.How technology works that through mobile phone, you can reduce or remove mosquito instead of any other repellent.

There are two most leading and well-known brands All Out & Good Knight repellent playing In Indian market. In that substitute, you can use your 3G phone with Mosquito repellent apps.

The funny thing of campaign is that at the end of this Television advertisment “A man saying that now Mosquito “All  Out” while Mr. Abhishek Bachchan is replying “Good Night”. That means both are indicating to brands “All Out Mosquito Repellent” and “Good Knight Mosquito Repellent”.

The one thing is good that Idea 3G has intorduced new apps and try to make differentiate against rivals. But, it is difficult to say that how much % such apps will work clearly. Because, Mossquito repellent apps first time introduced by Idea and it can not say assure that it will get success or not in India.

However, Idea has introduced with good efforts and trying to make it success. Today, there are enormous and variou kinds of Apps availabe in Indian market as well as world wide too.

And, still many more apps are in under process, which will coming soon that we may not expect.

Let’s see what Idea will Change Life !!!

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