Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Understand Consumer Behavior & Needs And Tata Sky

Great surprised given by Tata Sky, introduced simultaneously 3 campaigns in D.T.H service market. Really it can say that Tata Sky only brand in D.T.H Service providers market which understands “Consumers needs & behavior”.

 Just before 3 months ago, Tata sky has released service campaign like 24x7 hour call center service, relocation service, and In-time service. Now, a week ago again Tata Sky has released another 3 campaign with new concept & ideas.

We can say the core competency for Tata Sky is: - Provide Service by understanding Consumer behavior & needs. Yet, none of any brands have been executed such services in market.

Tata sky brand has already been created strong brand image with the punch line of “Isko Laga dala to life jinga la la”.

Total Market Players: - Dish TV, Tata Sky, Sun direct, Videocon d2H, Airtel Digital TV, Reliance Big TV

The new campaigning:-
(1) 3 Day grace period: - It is focusing on that Tata sky is offering 3 day grace period for payment. If you have not make payment on last date of bill, your connection will not disconnect because Tata Sky is offering 3 day grace period where you can make payment easily.
(2) Payment Reminder: - This campaign is focus on payment reminder, if you are supposed to migrate from one state to other state or made change in your mobile number, immediately provide to Tata Sky in order to give payment reminder call.
(3) Package Advisor: - Tata Sky is offering best package advisor service where consumers can enjoy well, satisfy with channel package, saving amount. They can also offering best package from your previous bill if you are existing consumers.

Strategy Execution:-  In every campaign, Tata sky has been used “women”, as companies are believing that women are most influencer in market, even though majority brand campaigns are being promoted by adopting women. The same thing done by Tata Sky as well as it has used women with the purpose of service & target market.

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If you will analyze in 3 day grace period & Payment reminder service campaign, both women are looking young. And, it has also shown young married women in “Payment Reminder” campaign.

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In Package Advisor campaign, it has shown 3 women who are playing different role, their different view & all 3 women are looking from different category (Age wise) like young & unmarried (22 to 28 age appx.), old age  & married (48 +age appx.) and married women (32 to 42 age appx.).

That old age woman is speaking about “Insurance company” that’s insurance company (Employees) taking any insurance by manipulation or without giving any proper advise. Even today’s people are feeling inconvenient about insurance sector as well as people are avoiding call from insurance company, too much negative perception in mind of people.

Being used the word insurance company by Tata Sky, it may give negative impact in mind of insurance company which also can be effect on Tata Sky brand. This campaign becomes much better without using word “insurance company”.

Overall, Tata Sky has introduced good services, but it will be much better when Tata Sky will get positive feedback & benefit from these services.

Let’s see how Tata Sky will maintain brand & consumer behavior…

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