Saturday, July 28, 2012

Switch To 'SOFY' Side Wall

After long time, ‘Sofy’ (a brand of “Unicharm”) has come out with confident campaign & confident brand ambassador. Though, in India a sanitary napkin market is dominated by two leading brands Whisper & Stayfree.

“Sofy” is brand which is appealing towards ‘flexibility’ where woman can feel relax & do anything with freedom during menstrual period. And, that’s why brand is trying to take strong position & generate more awareness as “Sofy Side wall”. It can also be say that core competency for “Sofy” brand because brand is showing that easily absorbency & flexibility during menstrual period.

Branding Strategy:-
Recently, Stayfree has already been released its new campaign “Muje Pankh Dedo (Give me a wing), that campaign is supporting to “UNICEF INDIA” whereas a 2 week ago ‘Sofy’ brand has also released new campaign “Be Confident, Switch to Sofy Side wall’ which is being endorsing by Bollywood star Ms. Anushka Sharma.

Previously, ‘Sofy’ brand was endorsing by Bollywood Star Ms. Prachi Desai but unfortunately, it was not getting that much success. But, now ‘Sofy’ brand has sign to Ms. Anushka Sharma as brand ambassador because brand is believe that she is energetic girl who can enable to give confident as well as Anushka Sharma has already given hit movies where she has been played key role.

Anushka Sharma  can be become  perfect for ‘Sofy’ brand and today she is already being endorsing brands like Nevia cream, TVS Scooty  Pep, Reliance net connect etc. and now ‘Sofy’ brand.   Overall, all brands are targeting to young consumers.

Yet, ‘Sofy’ brand is not much aware in India & also not available everywhere in India. Though, new campaign may enhance brand awareness, it would be work in order to cover the market & build up confident image.

‘Sofy’ brand is conveying message in TVC that it gives protection due to flexibility where you can enjoy everything with full of freedom & confident. At the end of TVC, it has shown by writing “Switch To” Sofy Side wall which is really used great strategy & conveying message against competitors (Whisper & Stayfree) that switch to ‘Sofy’ brand.

Ultimately, on this time ‘Sofy’ is conveying “Simply Message, but very confidently” for all young girl. 

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