Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hello Honey Bunny...What a Network by Idea

“You are my pumpkin pumpkin, hello Honey Bunny,
I am your dumpling dumpling, hello Honey Bunny,
Feeling something something, hello Honey Bunny”….By Idea Cellular Ltd. (Aditya Birla Group)

What an idea Sirji!!! Lovely & awesome jingle on “Honey Bunny”, funny & catchy words been used in this jingle that can easily identifying by consumers. This is really effective innovation or can say clutter breaking campaign created by Idea (Telecom Service provider brand). It is becoming now more popular. Overall, Idea’s all campaigns having various innovation, precise message & brand identity.
Network is much essential for any telecom service provider brands. Without it, brand can not take strong position in market despite of valuable scheme/offer or cheap rates. Especially, today’s consumers are easily churning from one brand to other if services are not getting at satisfactory level.

After being an introduced various 3G services, Idea has released campaign on “Network coverage” and rolled out with “Honey Bunny” concept that conveying message “whenever you go, phone will ring i.e. Kashimr to Kanyakumari, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Kerala, Bihar, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Punjab etc. all circles where Idea’s presence. And, it is targeting to mass people & lower class to upper-middle class, rural area, urban city, youth, working people etc. who’s having only single word “Hello Honey Bunny” on their tongue.

Idea has been executed on right time strategy because at present no ay rival brands are being emphasis on “Network coverage service”. Consumers having lots of complain against various service provider brands.  Idea can enable to take this opportunity & benefit in order to strongly establishment of network (coverage). Other rival brands Airtel (Bharti Enterprise), Vodafone, Uninor, Reliance, Tata Docomo, BSNL etc. are majorly focus on VAS service, price plan or promotional offers. That’s why Idea has good opportunity to increase its subscriber base either by addition of new or by churning from other brands.

This “Honey Bunny” campaigning done at 360 degree communication at full fledge level which includes TVC, Radio, Print media, digital Media & Outdoor media.

If we talk briefly about subscriber base, Airtel (Bharti Enterprise) is market leader at present, followed by Vodafone on 2nd position, and then Idea, Reliance & Tata Docomo’s turn. But, overall brand Uninor is going very aggressively that increasing promptly its subscriber base by promoting purely price conscious strategy on print & outdoor media. Whereas Idea is growing steadily & slowly but Vodafone & Airtel are not being much increasing subscriber base compared to Idea & Uninor. Uninor is rolled out with much effective various pricing scheme that give benefit to consumers.

Present scenario of Competitors:-

Airtel is much focusing on youth target market by developed concept “Har Ek Friend Zaruri Hai” and taking re-position with new corporate identity.

Vodafone is much more promoting various VAS offers.

Idea is focusing now “What a Network…Idea Hai toh phone will ring (If you have an Idea, phone will ring)”… i.e. emphasize on ‘network’.

Uninor (Joint venture between Telenor & Unitech) is focusing on pricing strategy. It is always coming with innovative “talk time scheme “at alternative period.

Tata Docomo is also focusing on promotional offers as well as ‘talk time offer.

It was time before 4-5 years ago where such catchy tune had been released by Airtel & Hutch (Hutch is now Vodafone). Still, consumers can enable to identify brand by listening its tune/music. At that time, Airtel & Hutch were strongly dominating in market as well as both of having strong brand equity. Here, Idea’s jingle “Honey Bunny” is reminiscing of Airtel & Hutch tune. Even though, today also many consumers having these tunes (Airtel or Hutch) as caller tune or ring tone.

Hutch Branding (Old Tune):-

Airtel Branding (Old Tune):-

Idea Branding (Honey Bunny):-

Teaser Campaign by Idea: - Initially, Idea has rolled out with 4 teaser campaign of different location where singing only about “Honey Bunny”.

After execution of awesome campaign, it is very much essential that it should be give result against commitment. Because only campaign / branding can’t work. The campaign works only when consumers shall be feeling satisfaction &”Honey Bunny” i.e. no more any complain regarding network. Then off course, subscriber will raise once it gives result & consumers shall be getting confidence towards brand.

This is the only chance & right time to endorse campaign on “Network” where rivals are focusing on other features or services.

Share your views…Are you feeling Honey Bunny!!!

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