Saturday, February 9, 2013

Innovative & Creative Concepts introduced by Lifebuoy

‘Create innovative concept & convey your message at right time- right place and create strong brand.’ The same way ‘Lifebuoy’ has came up with awesome concept & reached successfully to million of people. The motto of antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer market is to protect your body against germs where Dettol & Lifebuoy brands are coming with various promotional campaign, both are strong as well as well-known brands in antibacterial market which is more than 95% dominating in India.

Creative concept which has been introduced by Lifebuoy: - Stamped impression on 2.5 millions Roti/Chappatis (Indian food) with message on Roti/Chappatis that “did you wash your hand with Lifebuoy?”
Maha Kumbh Mela (Holy fair) which has been organized and food offered to people by deity by way of blessing. So, there was stamping ‘did you hand your wash with Lifebuoy?’ on each rotis/Chappatis & offered to 2.5 million people.

Stamped on Rotis/Chappatis
'Did you wash your hand with Lifebuoy?'

Stamping process

People are eating food offered by deity 
Really, creative & awesome idea introduced by Lifebuoy and built much strong brand. It is not an easy thing to stamp on 2.5 million rotis/Chappatis, to find dhabbawala & stamp machine etc. I would like to appreciate & thanks to O & M agency Team who did fantastic job. It is good opportunity to cover market & building up strong brand equity against rival brand Dettol.

Such strategies as well as concept have never been used by any brand. Today, it must become basic need for any brand that they have to come with unique campaign, service, flavor, strong message, packing etc. if little bit fail, result comes in to loss market. Because, rivals are always ready to take an opportunity and brands must having strong core competency.

Lifebuoy have also been created 10 second concept which is targeting for children. 99.9% remove germs in just 10 second.

Moreover, Lifebuoy have also been introduced 2 months ago new hand-wash sanitizer i.e. known as color changing. An introduced first color changing hand-wash with smart crystal where hands is going to be dark green that means germs removed.

Brand has been used ‘Hulk’ character in TV commercial which is fighting against germs & removed. ‘Hulk’ character is taken from the Hollywood movie ‘Hulk’ & in that movie also shown Hulk as green color as well as strongest. Same as like small boy is doing fight against germs as like hulk and removed germs in 10 second.

Lifebuoy have been really execute well-planned strategy with creative concept of stamp impression on rotis/Chappatis as well as also introduced color changing hand-wash sanitizer. And, ordinarily children/small boys are preferring such color changing or kind of some related thing that can be attract & influence. Both concept & strategy can be challengable against Dettol.

Let’s see, how Dettol will give feedback…

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