Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dettol V/s Lifebuoy

Shocking and Surprising that brand controversy happened between well-established companies i.e. Hindustan Unilever Ltd. & Reckitt Benckiser. Recently Dettol has introduced new brand ‘Dettol Healthy Kitchen Gel’ (For, vessel wash) as well as extended Dettol brand. Dettol brand is established as a germs protection (Antiseptic liquid/ Soap category) that 99.9% killed germs. Dettol is now entered in kitchen clean category with the same concept where your kitchen will be healthy & protect against germs.

The TVC has been released and commenced with baseline ‘this is an experiment’ and comparison of germs killing potentiality between new Dettol & other dish washing liquid in which it is clearly shown brand VIM (Brand of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. ). After that quickly voice over comes and conveying message that new Dettol Healthy kitchen Gel which will be killing 100 times more germs.

Brand Analysis between Dettol Healthy Kitchen Gel and Vim (Hindustan Unilever Ltd.):-
The biggest weakness is proved lack of strategy. When the question comes to introduce new brand, use precise, unique & differentiate strategy rather than use your competitor’s brand. Here, Dettol is using brand Vim which is one of leading brand in kitchen dish wash category and making comparison itself that Dettol can remove germs than other dish wash liquor.

VIM brand (Soap & Gel) having core competency that includes 100 times lemon energy which makes vessel cleans & sparkling. Vim is targeting not only to household consumers but also targeting & challenging to Food restaurant/ Dhaba walas too.

Whatever strategy has been used by Dettol Healthy Kitchen Gel, consumers are very well aware with brand Vim those who are being used regular. No need to show / use rival brands, because today’s consumers are aware with every brands & its result. Just need to focus on how to cover market & make loyal consumers by offering unique services.

Well saying that ‘First impression is last impression’, Dettol introduced new brand & entered into new segment, suddenly gone into controversy. Now, it becomes very difficult to establish result oriented effect in the consumer mind. Consumers are not buying anything for experiment where TVC shown ‘this is an experiment’ and bottom line mentioned ‘laboratory tested’. The only thing is important for any brand” If consumers will sustain, company/brand will sustain.”

Brand Analysis between Lifebuoy soap (Hindustan Unilever Ltd.) and Dettol antiseptic liquid:-
One controversy not finished yet, brand has taken revenge rival brand. Now, Lifebuoy soap brand has given new paper advertisement on front page in which clearly shown that ‘” It’s Proven! Lifebuoy gives better germs protection than Dettol antiseptic liquid (While bathing)”.  

This can not be a strategy; here not only brand equity but also corporate image is going to vanish/demolish. There are infinity creative ways to promote brand. Again I would like to repeat that consumers are already aware & being used both brands Lifebuoy Soap as well as Dettol antiseptic liquid brand. Both of brands are having same message to kill more germs & gives protection. Controversy will be always giving negative result.

Controversy strategy is proving that brand is not strong, not able to stay in market, not able to take challenge against rival brands.

So, make brand strong by creative/unique way, make consumers more loyal by offering various services as well as promotional offers.

“Only happy Consumers will make your brand happy”. 

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