Sunday, April 7, 2013


Trend of social media is booming and growing, it gives good benefit to company as well as co.’s brand. Today, major company are spending fixed % on social media out of total marketing & advertising budget. Even though E-commerce market has also been joined social media in order to get awareness, high sales volume & growth.

Major Social Media Players: - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Klout, Google +. Among the most and world’s giant players Facebook has done lots of innovation, add new features etc. to compete rivals. And, users (including company, brand & people) are daily spending at least 2-3 (Appx.) hours on Facebook and being getting huge response from users.

Now the question is that Can Facebook starts its own online shopping store? For, Facebook it is a great opportunity to start own online shopping stores. Right now, major online shopping stores/portals have joined or tied up with Facebook and already made online shopping store page where consumers (users) can buy directly.

So, my question is that if Facebook can start own online shopping Mega stores where all kind of branded products are available like one stop shop solution. Facebook has good opportunity to diversify its business & extend its brand into online shopping stores.

There are lots of online shopping stores are available in worldwide for various categories. Yet, consumers having not that much trust for online shopping due to manipulation/fraud etc. Though few portals are well known & trust worthy for online shopping where consumers are buying directly. Same ways Facebook has already been established strong brand equity as well as also trustworthiness & promise brand in social media market.

List Online shopping stores worldwide: - There are many stores available, but taken stores which are most popular.

It would be strong and giant competent & diversification of Facebook from Social media to E-commerce market. New brand can develop like FACEBOOK MEGA ONLINE SHOPPING STORE’. It can be enable to change the online shopping scenario if it will use an effective strategy.

Share your views that should Facebook starts own online shopping store or not?

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