Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Account, My Number by IndusInd bank

Consumers/ Customers satisfaction, expectation, behavior, involvement, engagement, loyal, value-addition etc. are such factors which are playing vital role in entire business / corporate market across the global and brand image / brand equity / brand identity / brand value are rely on these factors. Today, companies are targeting major three things (1) To acquire new clients (2) To sustain existing clients and (3) Playing with rivals by executing various innovative & creative marketing - communication strategy.

The word “CUSTOMIZATION / CUSTOMIZED” = Understand Consumers/customers &their demand or to create that demand by finding gap between market & consumers. And, now companies are rolling out with customized product/service for consumers in order to acquire new consumers/customers, to sustain existing and to cover market share. The same way IndusInd Bank has rolled out with innovative customized service in India.

Recently, IndusInd Bank launched new campaign “My Account, My Number” (To open saving & current account) where consumers/customers can choose their choice account number. They can choose up to 10 digits out of 12 digits number.

Brand Strategy:- Very catchy, simple & clutter – breaking campaign which is being endorsed by Bollywood Starr Mr. Sharman Joshi. Likewise consumers having choice to choose number for Mobile/Phone, vehicle number plate, house number for ease to remember and now they can also choose their favorite or preferable account number in IndusInd Bank. In India, many people are belief that various digit / numbers are “Lucky” for their goodness or success apart from ease to remember.

It can also say that IndusInd Bank may first bank in India which has launched such innovative & customized service in Indian Banking Service and such service gives value-addition to customers. In TVC campaign, there has shown that Sharman Joshi is choosing lucky number at every aspects and he feeling happy being a consumer when he visit IndusInd Bank & getting choice of account number.
At the end of campaign Voice over conveying precise & effective message that “ Apne Chaha, Hamne Kiya (i.e. You Desired, We Did) which is directly connecting to customer satisfaction.  
Now, banking sector is also focusing on innovation & customized service which can be core competency as like IndusInd Bank. Today, majority all banks are providing / offering “Net banking or online banking, and Mobile banking services for customer’s convenience. IndusInd bank has introduced “My account, My Number service by finding gap between market & customers, understood customers convenience & need.  By appearing this service, there may be chance that rival banks will be commencing to offer the same for their customers to sustain them.

There are many companies which have already been introduced innovative & customized brands / services and also being introducing at regular interval either by extending brand name or by launching new brand like:
(1) Intel Processor
(2) Tata Sky, Dish TV
(3) Samsung, Nokia, Karbon, Sony Mobile
(4) Apple I-pad, tablet, I-phone etc. 
(5) Telecom service provider brands like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Uninor, Tata Dcomo
(6) Online buying portal like,,, E-bay etc.
(7) Many brands of Personal care, Oral care & Health care category (Many Sugar free food brands are available for diabetic patients).
(8) Automobile category, Electronics category etc. and many more you can also add …

Almost major category companies are coming with customized solution for consumers/customers and offering with promotional strategy.

Let’s introducing innovative “Customized Solution for Consumers / Customers and Make them “Happy”.  Happy customers can become loyal customers.

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