Saturday, July 27, 2013



“Brand is not just Brand but, it is BRAND INNOVATION”

When customers/consumers find innovative things, definitely smile will come on their face, looks towards that thing & feel good whether they buy or not but attracting definitely. Today, not only companies but also customers/consumers are finding innovation & creativity or like something new / differentiate. And, companies are rolling out with innovation campaign through Electronic, Print, OOH and Digital media as well as also executing innovative strategy to attract & acquire customers/consumers.
Here, I would like to share innovative outdoor branding  where customers/consumers can definitely attract towards it and feel good innovation whether buy or not.
Brand "Tanishq" (Tata Group)a jewellry brand.
Innovative hoarding  with Bengal
Fruit Soft Drink brand 'Maaza' (Coca- cola brand).
(Branding) Create bottle on public place 
Mcdonal's McEgg innovative hoarding that showing taste of McEgg 
MTS USB Internet data card,
innovative outdoor branding at  near Petrol Pump
Brand Tata Docomo (Telecom Service provider brand),
innovative branding at "Traffic signal place"
Brand Tata Sky (DTH Service provider),
Sticker branding on fruit when consumer buying fruit.
To sustain in market, innovation must become an essential & core part for any company / any industry.
Such kind of innovative branding catch eyes of consumers/customers. 

Let’s move to build up “Brand Innovation”…

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