Saturday, October 19, 2013

Welcome for Happiness, Welcome to Big Bazaar

Not merely Welcome, but doing ‘Warm Welcome by Big Bazaar’ on this Diwali Festive Season in India. Big Bazaar (A giant retail - hypermarket & Brand of Future Group) is celebrating every year Diwali Festival and Welcome by heart.

But, on this time being a consumer I am personally feeling that Big Bazaar is doing “Warm Welcome” to consumers. Merely a week (15th Oct. ’13 approx. date) ago, Big Bazaar is rolled out new Diwali Festive TVC Campaign on Home Décor with punch line “Swagatam Khushiyon Ka, Swagatam Big Bazaar Mein (Welcome for Happiness, welcome to Big Bazaar)”.

Branding Strategy:-
Till, Last year (2012) campaign was focusing on punch-line “Swagatam Dil Se, Swagatam Big Bazaar Mein (Welcome from Heart, Welcome to Big Bazaar), but on this time, Big Bazaar has replaced only single word “Swagatam Khushiyon Ka (Welcome for Happiness) instead of Swagatam Dil Se (Welcome from Heart)”.

My Last year (2012) article on Swagatam (Welcome) by Big Bazaar: -

Every consumers are desire to get them “Value for Money (Including brand, quality, price & Service)”, so if consumers are getting “Value for Money whenever they shopping, obviously it gives SATISFACTION to them. Satisfaction will give HAPPINESS to them and Happiness will give SMILE on their face. And, Big Bazaar desiring that consumers bring Smile on their face with shopping, that’s why “Welcome for Happiness”.

Here, it can understand that how is the significant of Single word and its impact towards consumers as well as brand. Big Bazaar has released the same Diwali festive campaign but the style of “Welcome” has been change with punch line.

There are major five segment / category where consumers are shopping on Diwali Festival:-
(1) Household (Kitchen item, Home Décor etc.)
(2) Electronics (Refrigerator, Washing machine, Air Cooler, TV, Computer, Mobile etc.)
(3) Automobile
(4) Jewellery / ornaments
(5) Garments / Footwear

Big Bazaar is the only brand in hypermarket segment which is offering not only for sales but also celebrating Diwali Festival with Consumers by Welcome Wish.

Welcome for Happiness, will bring Smile on your Face ….

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