Sunday, November 10, 2013

Branding Concept "Switch To" ..

Three Brands are playing in sanitary pad segment Whisper, Stayfree and Sofy, out of them total 90% (Appx.) market dominated by Whisper and Stayfree brands. Merely, Whisper is rolled out with new campaign of Whisper Ultra Clean - “Switch To” concept which is targeting to age group 18 -26 year girls.

Object of Sanitary Pad is mainly “High & Prompt Absorbency” during menstrual period which is being strategically appealed by all three brands.  

Branding & Communication Strategy:-
New campaign of Whisper Ultra Clean directly conveying message “Switch to Hamesha (Always) Whisper Ultra Clean & Free from frequently changing pads. Brand itself is appealing that One Whisper Ultra Clean Pad having capacity to absorbing 5 time much better than ordinary pads. Many times Girls are feeling nervous, bring down her confidence, constraint in work due to frequently changing pads, the same thing has been conveyed by Whisper Ultra Clean.

TVC Communication Highlight:- Young Girl is refusing to her friends for meal and seating there on top place where she is painting. It means you can work freely and confidently wherever & whenever you are during period.  Secondly, she is appealing that “make your own rules and forget old rule because 1 whisper Ultra clean = 5 ordinary Pads.

“Switch to” concept has already been executed by Sofy Side wall brand a year back (July’12) and campaign been endorsed by Ms. Anushka Sharma (Bollywood Actress). The same concept is carried on with little changed which is influencing more and support to increase brand value.

“Switch To” Concept same but the communication changes are between Whisper Ultra clean & Sofy Side wall:-

(1) Punch line Switch to Sofy Side wall (For Sofy brand) and Switch to Hamesha (always) Whisper Ultra Clean

(2) Pads Featuring for Why need to Switch:- Sofy featuring that it has unique & flexible side wall which is protect from leakage and dry for longer time. While Whisper Ultra Clean featuring that it has capacity of 5 times dry promptly & better than ordinary pads (1 Whisper Ultra Clean = 5 Ordinary Pads), and no need to change pads frequently.

Television commercial – Sofy: -

Television commercial - Whisper:-

(3) At the end of TVC Sofy has shown  word “Switch To” because yet brand could not build image as well as still it has lack of brand awareness across India. While at the end of campaign Girl herself conveying message “Switch to Hamesha (always) by her voice. Because consumers are aware well and already built strong brand image globally.

(4) Girls has wearing same color costume & shoe as color of Whisper packaging and it is showing acceptance of brand While Sofy TVC has not found the same.

So, concept is same but communication strategy & style is much different which is influence brand image, brand value and brand identity towards consumers. Consumers are aware with all brands however it will be playing vital role to maintain the same. Since 2-3 years Stayfree is more emphasizing on CSR activity with conveying message Ab waqt hai badalne ka (Now, Time for Change).
Let’s see whether “Switch To” concept will work or not!

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