Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Veg Wash + : Vegetables & Fruits Cleaner

Today, things are becoming customized globally as like demand. There are two types of aspect behind it: 
(1) Companies are introducing customized products & create the demand for same and 
(2) Consumers/Customers are demanding customize where companies need to create customize product.  Why is it becoming an essential to introduce? Because consumers are looking for convenience apart from brand, quality & price. Here, I would like to emphasize again the same concept which has been highlighted in my earlier post and it is most decisive part for new product development as well as strategic planning.

Overall the scenario is like that consumer can churn easily to either rival brands or substitute brand where they can get not only value for money but also feel convenience of which they have desired. Today, consumers have enhanced alternatives during the buy any products in any categories like personal care (Including cosmetic items), oral care, automobile, food & beverages, health care, herbal care, electronics, apparels, Jewellery, Home appliances, Financial services etc.  There are available ample of multiple advanced features in all above mentioned categories where consumer can feel convenience and still it is adding more features at regular interval as demand being created & the same being introduced into the market accordingly.

Pune (India) based Brand Veg wash+ (brand from Autodynamic Engineering Pvt. Ltd.) which is cleaning vegetables & fruits from bacteria, chemical pesticides & preservatives, organic pollutant & dirt which cannot remove through natural water stating by Veg wash+ and has initiated campaign on print media. The same product of brand ‘Good Home Vegetable & Fruit Wash’ has introduced in March, 2013 by TTK healthcare.

Print Campaign

Brand Veg Wash+ & Good Home Rivals 

Brand Veg Fru Wash - Rivals
Though, the concept is innovative however, this product is not much aware in Indian market. There is an opportunity & market potentiality to develop brand. But it must require to plan specific BTL (On ground) promotional strategy in order to create mass awareness & how product works. 50% (Appx.) of Indian food (Vegetables & Fruits) products being contaminated & More than 98% (Appx) consumers (Including all class people) are cleaning vegetable & fruits by natural water in India, hence it is not easy task to change consumer mind for such product acceptance & this product is more influential towards women. So strategic plan & execution (BTL Strategy) must be accordingly where target audience (Women) can cover & get trust towards products. Otherwise concept will remain void & worthless.

Market Players: - Veg Wash + (http://vegwash.co.in/), Veg Fru wash (http://www.vegfruwash.com/), Good Home Vegetable & Fruit Wash and few more local players.

It’s become an easy to enrich brand but difficult & challengeable task is to make brand loyal & royal until consumer will not feel convenience. Initially, they may buy brand 1-2 or few more times but if they shall supposed to be getting rival or substitute brands with additional advanced features, definitely they shall  be going to try it & slowly churn into it.

Hence, brand strategy planning & execution must be towards “convenience” for consumers/customers because it will cover entire aspect like price, quality & brand. Just need to focus on “how can consumer feel convenience? Try to understand their psyche level during conversation, understand the market gap between consumers thinking level (Product which they desired) & product when they looking, observing & analyzing before buying.

Let’s see whether brand Veg Wash + can create hype in India market or not!

Customize = Convenience = Customers/Consumers

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