Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Communication ..Let's Fly

Festive Reason, Promotional Offer Season:-

Indian Airline Brand Players:- 

Domestic Destination Coverage
Jet Airways
Spice Jet
Air India
Air Asia

Special Fare Christmas Offer by brand GoAir:-
Offer Launched on: - 21st Dec. ’14, Launched by print advertisement campaign as well as press release across India.
Flight Booking Offer Period: - 21st Dec. to 25th Dec.’14
Travel Period: - 1st Jan. to 31st March ‘15
Target: - To sales 1.7 million air tickets across the GoAir domestic destinations.  Bottom of Form

GoAir Christmas Campaign Impact:-
 ü  From 21st to 23rd sever crash totally & website inaccessible, or hardly open the website, open page very slow due to server problem.
 ü  Offer is not showing for any destination either on GoAir website or on Travel portal which has announced.
 ü  Offer Showing as ‘Sold out’ for any sector & any travel period from Jan. to March ‘15
 ü  Consumers are  being highly dissatisfied
 ü  Countless sorts of negative comments on major news sites
    üBrand becomes vain to fulfill the commitment

Print Advertisement 
Personally, I have visited GoAir website but unfortunately not found any offer which has announced and website could not open consistently three days for few hours. Moreover, it could run very slow when it open for a while and after sometime again could not worked. I have tried to get this offer by many different destinations, even though also changing different dates in Jan. Feb. & March ‘15 but showing everywhere “Sold out” as well as also approached directly customer care executive and got the same feedback from executive.

Today on 25th Dec. GoAir has released new print advertisement (Newspaper) by conveying message to get the offer as it is last day. Again I have checked today whether it is available or not but till today result showing futile to fulfill the commitment.

Indian Ariline Brands Market Analysis
There are always chances to get huge crowd of target consumers in any Promotional strategy because consumers are getting multiple benefits in promotional offer, always waiting for offer during the festive season and willingly visiting those places in regular interval.

Promotional strategy aim is to product sales & revenue generation, hence the brand is exceedingly connected with target consumers during execution of promotional strategy. Consumer’s excitement & expectation is very high compared to ordinary campaign in order to get that offer benefits. Festive season is considering as pick period where thousands + consumers are referring & connecting thousands + brand. Hence it is an essential to make well strategic plan where consumers can feel satisfaction with pre & post sale services. If consumers are not getting committed offer by company, result comes into extremely dissatisfaction because during that time consumers psychological thinking process is working petite different. And, it gives negative impact on brand image which is being considered one of the trustable brand.

Brand can become trustworthy only when brand is utterly fulfill its commitment towards the consumers. Promotional strategy is abundant associate with ‘Brand Promise’ which must be accomplish in order to build strong brand identity & sustain your consumers brand loyal. 

And, all sorts of online shopping brands are necessitating to deliver brand promise which are offering to buy online. GoAir has launched good competitive offer of special fare for all its destination but unfortunately it could not delivered very well which have been decided and its impacting negatively on brand image. Overall few airline brands are already being suffered enormous problem to survive in the market.

Word of mouth communication is one of the best strategic tool to reach your brand high if it is delivering positively. Though, we can add as a new strategic tool “Word of Social Media Communication” along with Word of mouth communication because it is playing vital role silently by spreading message local but it reach globally.

Brand Promise + Offer Promotional + Brand Deliverable = Let’s Make Consumers Happier!!!

Convey Christmas Communication = Let’s Connect & Transform into Consumers Satisfaction!!!

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