Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Coca Cola - Open Happiness

Always campaign purpose should be “to REACH the consumer’s heart & mind and transform its RESULTS into acceptance which reminisce the brand”. Likewise, world’s leading soft drink brand Coca Cola has been executed an innovative approach in order to reach the direct consumers & make them happy. The core competency of Coca Cola is that since launching the tagline “Open happiness”, brand is consistently sustaining & preserving the message in each & every campaign universally.

Brand can become much sturdy & consumers can become more loyal when you are identifying the consumers need & accomplish it on right time. Likewise, Coca cola has been introduced innovative campaign “Wish upon a Coke” at Dubai International Airport by offering a Coca Cola bottle to those people who are having excess baggage during the returning home. The aim is that people who are unable to carry many gifts/presents for their family/Friends etc due to excess baggage, Coca Cola promoters are offering them a bottle and allowing them 5 kg happiness against excess baggage. Moreover, it has also created a special label on bottle as an excess baggage tag.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s5r-GHU0BU  (Wish upon a Coke – Jan.15)

Coca Cola has been identified the market gap, consumers need and right place for brand activation, as it is saying that Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airport & easily getting target audience. This campaign is delivering rightly brand promise towards the consumers because it can feel visibly when people are receiving bottle; they feel happy with smiley expression which has desired by Coca Cola.

This Campaign hashtag #WishUponACoke could not be much influence in context of message. Hashtag should be short, precise & catchy which can easily connect with the brand. I would like to suggest some hashtag which supposed to be connect flawlessly: 
(1) #HappyTIme
(2) #WelcomeWish
(3) #CrazyNHappy
(4) #CrazyWithCoke
(5) #CrazyConnection
(6) #TasteOfHappiness

However, Coca Cola has well-approached with consumers directly who are from various countries & make them feel happy. This campaign is showing “Strength” to Sustain” in market by identifying gap between market & consumers.

“Impact of Consumers Happiness & Satisfaction = Positive Impact on Brand “

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