Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Packaging Strategy + Brand Mileage = Coca Cola 'Contour Bottle' Journey

1915 to 2015 - 100 years TASTY journey = Consumers Feel Always Happy

A unique identity of bottle has been created in 1915 which is now celebrating 100 years globally and it is known as “Contour Bottle” by Coca Cola. Coca Cola is the first company as well as brand in the world which is celebrating 100 years of packaging. Ordinarily, companies are celebrating “Brand (Product) or corporate brand (company name)” anniversary but Coca Cola is the only company in the world which is celebrating packaging anniversary.

TVC Campaign:-  (Tale of Contour) – TVC 60 Sec.  (Nobody like you) – TVC 1.38 Sec.  (100 years bottle) – TVC 30 Sec.  (Balloons) – TVC 30 Sec.

Very intensely each & every campaign has executed by Coca Cola in which it is emphasized more on music stroke rather than voice over. Fascinatingly, campaign is conveying message of brand attributes of contour bottle as a core competency apart from Coca Cola brand, and also expressing the “ACCEPTANCE” of packaging by various ways globally due to the consistency of package feeling & coca cola font style remain same since 100 years.  Because, majorly it is happening that companies are frequently made change in their brand packaging/logo, so it may becoming difficult to identify or remember that packaging or logo.

As I have been observed in various market that except the kids today consumers are much trying to remember or identify brand by name rather than packaging, logo or celebrity whereas kids are easily enable to identify the brand by remembering logo or celebrity. The competitive trend is showing that if any company is forayed into market with new packaging or new logo, mostly consumers are either discussing & reviewing about it, then forget it because consumers are more concerned about brand name & its result which they have desiring, Moreover, such things are happening only due to relentlessly change in packaging identity & brand proposition.

Here, I have mentioned the evolution of packaging & brand identity graph of Coca Cola V/s Pepsi:

Packaging is as significant as brand name which can influence on consumer to make brand loyal. If brand packaging consistently remain same till longer period likewise Coca Cola, it can be unique, loyal & memorable brand forever.

Consistent same Packaging Strategy = Strong Brand Mileage & Memorable Brand + Consumers Happy Journey!!! 

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