Monday, May 25, 2015

Sanitary Pad Market : Untapped Market

Accomplish the Untapped market Journey
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There is huge untapped sanitary pad market in India. Even though, the urban market is partially covered by brands like Whisper & Stayfree. The entire sanitary pad market scenario is articulating that there is a vast opportunity in urban & rural market.

Recently, new rival is forayed & brand known as “Pro-Ease” which is being endorsed by Priyanka Chopara and simply conveying message to use sanitary pad with common features which is the same offering by rivals. Brand Sofy is struggling extensively in order to gain more consumers but it could not much success in the market. Overall market players are increasing but yet too much success in consumer coverage due to lack influencing communication strategy, high reach & higher price. Hence, it should be required to change the brand & communication strategy.

The most challengeable part is:
(1) High reach & create in-depth awareness (Rural & Urban Market), convert them into hygiene pad from normal cloth.
(2) Offer Very Economy Price. Due to higher price, women cannot afford to buy hygiene pad except women from high-group of income.

Source : NIIR

This graph is highlighting the region wise sanitary pad consumption across India where it can develop precise penetration strategy in rural & urban market. Graph is showing clearly that Eastern zone is lowest sanitary pad consumption in India. And, rest of the zones has also not achieved high growth expected performance.

I would like to highlight few strategic key points on which I have done some research & analysis. Assure that can enable to build strong brand identity as well as easily can cover untapped market because there is an enormous opportunity in the sanitary pad segment.

To develop influential on-ground promotional social campaign that should be featuring:
a)   Various programs with proper guidance of pad usage with features & benefit during the menstrual cycle. (From Day 1 to Day 5, how many times require to change the pad in a day during at home, office or travelling etc.)
b)    To change the perception from normal cloth to hygiene pad
c)    Very economy price which can be affordable 
d)   Highlighting wide range of pads which is relating to different age group. Because, women are not properly aware or do not know that which type & size of pad actually they are having required.

There is no doubt that conceptually Whisper, Stayfree TVC campaigns are always good with the strong punch line & viewers are well-aware with the brand. However, so far TVC has shown campaign only for Teenage, pad for Night sleep & consistently try to urge women for using pad which is giving confidence & empower effect during the period.

So, mentioned above points can be considered as a “Core Competency” & Communication strategy should be highlighting all the essential features & its advantage. Campaign works better if it is created for different age group.

Hence, entire strategy should be towards significant of hygiene pad in different age group & in different situation of menstrual cycle.

Market Penetration Potentiality; Build Strong Brand Equity…

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