Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hashtag Healthy , Brand / Consumers Happy

Hashtag Hamper, Keep Consumers Engager!!!

Hashtag is using more about to gather or exchange the information & group discussion rather than prospects (B2B/B2C) conversion.  However, it is influencing indirectly for prospects conversion but direct influencing to build brand awareness on social media.

Core Focus Categories globally in which Hashtag is playing vital role:-
(1) Media & Entertainment
(2) Electronics (Mainly Mobile, Tablet, Computer/Laptop, Camera & its Accessories)
(3) Food & Beverages
(4) Apparels
(5) Beauty & Personal care
(6) Books

Audience are engaging more on above mentioned all categories and especially youth are spending more time to gather & exchange various information.

Hashtag History
Based on my own research, analysis & observation, I would like to highlights Hashtag Strategy:- which will give a positive impact on the brand

(1) To Use only 1-2 Hashtag on social media (Twitter, FB, G+, Pintrest, Instagram etc.) But it must be an awfully effective.
(2)  To Create Hashtag maximum 10-15 letters only.
(3) To Keep / create strong word from the Tagline which can integrate directly to the brand if Tagline is not much longer.
(4)  To Post Hashtag on Prime time & prime day where it can get huge web-traffic on social media & related to other website. It is required to find out country wise Prime time & day according to segment/target audience.
(5) Initially to create online 5 various campaigns (Including Branding / Brand Awareness / Promotional) and sprint 4-5 days in a week along with Hashtag. Hashtag must be integrate & enable to give an impact to the campaign. 
(6) It is obliged consistently measurement & analysis of campaign & impact of Hashtag then accordingly it can make further strategic plan. 

Social Media users are doing more discussion on various subject by using ‘ #Tag’ and trying to get engage more & more number of audience. To sustain brand online, it is significant to engage more & more audience through various campaign and keep brand alive with ‘ #Tag’. 

Hashtag Click = Brand Awareness + Brand Reach,
Consumer Engage on it, Let’s make #BrandSuperHit

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