Monday, September 28, 2015

Google Evolution

Recently, Google has unveiled with new logo & digitally has represented in very unique form.  It was getting a blend feedback from the users. Logo revamp trend is being increasing rapidly and expressing the major reason is that either directly or indirectly ‘it is refreshing & energizing’ as customers/consumers buying pattern/ demand/ psychological behavior etc. are changing and becoming more advanced.

Personally I believe that if any brand is well-established in the market then it should not be required to change the brand identity. In fact, brand identity is needed to change only when brand is going to fail in the market or not accepting by the customers/ consumers. Google has been changed its logo 4-5 times since Google launching despite of Google is already well-established brand in search engine globally. Even though 7-8 year old child is also using first Google for search anything and we all users are using majorly Google for search anything on daily basis as well as whenever the matter of searching ,numbers of time the word’ Google’ is coming on our lip. So, this is the brand equity, brand strength & core competency of Google.

Google Logo
Google Favicon
Actually, Google does not needed to change the logo and it will not give any value additional impact to the brand by change the logo because the word ‘Google’ itself is highly strong & giving the assure results in search engine category. I have been analyzed the 1000+ review & comments about the new logo, and conclusion comes to that new logo is good one but previous logo was much better & good because psychologically it has been established splendidly in users mind. Google should require emphasizing more on various campaign as well as CSR activities likewise Google has launched few TVC and Women Get Help Online program in India. So, it can add value in brand & sustain the brand equity & brand taste. 

The new logo launching, presentation & communication strategy was very much accurate and fantastic. Today is trend like customers are desire something new or innovative stuff and willingly ready to buy for at least single time, it does not mean that to change brand identity too. If brand is well-acceptable in the market, then just need to strategize more about how to add value in order to sustain existing customers & gain new customers.

If Brand is well-established & acceptable in market, then ponder on “to keep Brand Alive, Make Consumers/Customers Satisfy…” 

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