Friday, January 22, 2016

L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hair Care

Few months back, a premium brand L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hair Care rolled out with new campaign recognized by “Change your Shampoo, Change your Hair” which is being endorsed by Aishwarya Rai (L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5), Sonam Kapoor (L’Oreal Paris Fall Resist) and Katrina Kaif (L’Oreal Paris 6 oil Nourish). All of them are being endorsed individually and conveying similar message that switch to L’Oreal. And, L’Oreal has also switched its punch line from ‘we pride our self (Hamein Naaz hain khud par) to Because we worth it’. Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor & Katrina Kaif are conveying message at the end of all TVC ‘because we worth it’. 

Television Commercial: -   (Hair fall Resist by Sonam Kapoor)  (Total Repair 5 by Aishwaraya Rai)  (6 oil nourish by Katrina Kaif)

Recently, L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hair Care has executed a differ strategy & released new television commercial which is featuring all the actresses together and representing all the three brands together like Dull hair – Switch to Fall Resist by Sonam Kapoor
Nourish hair: - Choose 6 oil nourish by Katrina Kaif
Damage hair: - Trust only Total Repair by Aishwarya Rai
Also, they are conveying message together “because we all are worth it”.

Television Commercial: -

In India, Consumers (Including Premium/upper class) are not much influenced by celebrity but they are influenced by natural emotions, feelings & trustworthiness. Until, there is not brand feeling, emotions & natural climate in the advertisement, then it will become worthless. Only advertisement is not an important but also it is most significant that it should be fulfill the requirement of consumers whatever you are conveying message through advt. Many times it is happening that consumers are not getting that stuff which has shown in advertisement (TV/Print/OOH). Consumers are disappointed & it is impacting on brand image.

Consumers will not switch easily into other premium shampoo brand because they are comfortable whichever they are using like Dove or Garnier Shampoo users will not switch to easily L’Oreal and same reverse. Because Hair is an important part of beauty for female/male and it gives ‘wow & beautiful ‘feeling.  So, consumers are not ease to change or any kind of experiment with hair. Consumers are switching only when they are not satisfied.

It could be much better if L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hair Care has released campaign with an influensive punch-line which can be easily connect in the mind of consumers. If look at the comments, people are more talking about celebrities than about brand campaign. In Multi-Starr brand campaign, there is highly chance that viewers are more focus on celebrity than overall campaign and brand become hide. This is the first time happened in the entire hair care market that multi-starr brand campaign is released. It is wondering that L’Oreal Paris is associated with total 18 brand ambassadors globally which is vastly investment behind it.

There are infinite ways to exhibits brand features which can inspire women at all ages without any celebrities. You can make your “BRAND” itself as a Celebrity icon.

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