Monday, March 14, 2016

Burger King With McDrive

Usually, people are looking for “Taste & Price” in burger and beyond that people who are burger lover; they are also looking for burger size, inside meal stuff & burger softness. Overall, McDonald is market leader in the entire burger industry and also having uppermost outlet worldwide.

In recent, McDonald has released catchy campaign against rival company Burger King on France highway. Moreover, in respond to McDonald campaign, Burger King has also executed campaign very conceptually & surprisingly that Burger King has taken it extremely positive way and that’s can edifice a success brand way. This can be a best illustration in the competitive market that how to take your brand in positive way against your rival brands. Because, people are facing daily somewhere the various competitors advertisement on TVC, Print, OOH, Digital or on ground promotional way which are directly offensive on rival brands.

 Commercial Campaign: (Burger King  Drive Thru Advt.)

There is a slightly difference between McDonald & Burger King campaign but it is influencing  a lot in terms of brand loyalty & brand trust worthiness. McDonald campaign is expressing more on “find outlets nearby you” whereas Burger King is expressing gratitude that “for being everywhere McDonald” so consumers can also reach at Burger King too. Burger King is much familiar for ‘Whooper’ burger hence the campaign is showing that couple is ordering of coffee from McDonald in order to pass 253 km away and Burger King is expressing very satisfactorily “Gratitude” to McDonald for being everywhere which is conveying message like “Win-Win” position in commercial campaign.

In order to sustaining brand identity & brand loyalty, one thing can learn that never offense directly on rival brand because there is an infinite ideas/thoughts through which you can execute precisely your communication strategy or say gratitude in respond to that brand which has been offended directly on your brand.  

Through the ‘Gratitude’ make your Brand Win, let’s give consumers happy feeling like ’Burger King’.

Nearest McDrive, Away Burger King Alive!!!

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