Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dettol : Healthy & Hygiene Kitchen

Recently, Dettol has collaborated with Master Chef Cooking Expert Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor who is endorsing brand Dettol hand wash & Dettol kitchen Gel. This campaign is mainly targeting to women with the purpose of:
(1) To keep hand wash before preparing food by Dettol Hand wash liquid &
(2) Use Dettol Kitchen Gel to keep utensil germs free and clean.  

According to article source, brand aim is to create in-depth awareness about healthy & hygiene kitchen by changing the habit and being a cooking expert, brand has associated with Sanjeev Kapoor and Dettol brand is also associated with ‘Swatch Bharat’ mission till 5 years.

Brand & Communication Strategy:
Dettol has extended its punch line ‘Dettol Ka Dhula’ which is being utilized for hand wash & soap -especially emphasized for children. Campaign is simply conveying message by Sanjeev Kapoor that make a habit to wash hand before cooking & use Dettol kitchen Gel to keep utensil/dish germs free. It is a fact that while preparing food lots of women are not washing hand either by soap / liquid (Rural & Urban) or they might washing hand by only water. 

This campaign could make much better & influential if emphasized more into the ‘realize with emotions’ rather than simply conveying before cooking/after cooking. Because, consumers are well- known the brand Dettol but it is just needed to execution for health protection. Like it should be realize & ready to change habit willingly.

Strategic Turning Point:
Moreover, a fascinating strategically part which I have been analyzed that in order to drive & penetrate into the market, this entire strategy has been executed by sustaining of established brand Dettol Hand wash as well as getting strong brand credential by collaborating with Sanjeev Kapoor - being a cooking expert. It is also indirectly communicating towards rival brands that keep utensils clean with germs free rather than only spotless.

Dettol brand association & endorser combination is perfect but, it just seems a lack of impact & connectivity in campaign which could make wonderful strategically and easily can fill the gap by penetration. Always need to consider & emphasize more on connectivity & effectiveness whenever the matter of shifting the trend or changing consumers habit.

Habit can change only when Consumers Connection willingly … 

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