Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Powerful Patanjali Brands Journey...

Strategic Execution & Brand Journey By Patanjali:
Journey Step: (Begin from 2012 & 2013)
(1) People knew more about Baba Ramdev & Patanjali name rather than brand & people were buying Patanjali products through word of mouth communication. Most of were buying DantKanti Toothpaste & other products sales movement & liquidation ratio was slow.

(2) Simultaneously, start campaign of hair oil brand Kesh Kanti smoothly

The entire picture has been revolutionized after June 2014 – step wise:
(1) Patanjali has been taken a multiple sponsorship on all major news channels and endorsing brand Dant Kanti (Toothpaste) as well as KeshKanti (hair oil).

(2) After November’14, Patanjali has forayed into FMCG market aggressively and released campaign of Chyawanprash, Biscuits, Cow Ghee & Honey towards rival brand Dabur & ITC.

(3) During April to August ’15, Patanjali has released campaign of Personal Care & Health Care segment in which included Detergent Cake & Powder, Bath Soap, Face Wash, Digestives & Fruit Juice.

(4) During Sept.’15 to March.’16, released campaign Noodles (Aggressive marketing during the ban on Nestle Maggi), Atta, Besan, Salt.

(5) During April to Sept.’16, Patanjali has launched Coconut hair oil & hair wash, Power Vita (towards rival brand Complan, Horlicks, Bournvita),  Rice.

(6) Major brands are being endorsed by Baba Ramdev since 1 year

(7) 4000+ Patanjali outlets available across India

(8) Plan to open outlet at Railway station & Airport

(9) Now, Patanjali is associating with main sponsorship on major news channel (Prime Time News Content / Headlines) as well as associated/co-sponsor on other prime news content.

(10) Moreover, it is Strategic surprising that Baba Ramdev is coming on upcoming 29th Oct.’16 ‘Super Dancer’ reality show on Sony TV channel who is going to be a part of judge & articulating Yoga Tips. This reality show is powered by Power Vita (Patanjali Brand) and impact of brand engagement, reach & viewership will be going to increase on this special episode.

Baba Ramdev with Super Dancer :

Strategically, Baba Ramdev presence & involvement is increasing towards Brand Delivery & reinforcement. Rural market is untapped still so it should be essential to emphasize & involvement more on rural market because major area of urban market is already been covered by Patanjali in terms of Reach & Awareness.

Patanjali Strength, Market Threat:

 Baba Ramdev’s presence is an identity & icon of Patanjali brand which can ‘Connect’ through Ayurved & Yoga. 

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