Friday, January 6, 2017

Nirma Advance : Detergent Market

Detergent market trend & consumers pattern is now shifting more into powder base since 3-4 years because of either middle class & above segment income or working woman ratio increased as well as consumers have been already been adopted semi/fully automated washing machine due to facing various problems /complaint with house servant. Hence, the demand of bar soap is decreasing accordingly. Premium brands like Ariel, Surf Excel are now exclusively focus on powder & washing machine combination, whereas Economy & mid segment brands are extremely promoting the powder on priority base and at the end of TVC campaign, it is visualizing both powder & bar soap but emphasizing more on powder rather than bar soap.

For, each & every detergent powder & bar soap brands having essentially common purpose is that to remove stain, keep hand smooth, long lasting fragrance & keep cloths shining. Recently, Nirma Advance has released new TVC campaign which is being endorsed by Hrithik Roshan & conveying message that ‘Naye Zamane Ke Ziddi Daagon Ke Liye i.e. (It is for strong dirt in New Modern Trend)’. 

Woman is most powerful decision maker & influencing factor for Household & many other categories like FMCG, Household,Personal care, Apparel etc. Before adopting celebrity for brand endorsement, it must be an essential to analyze that how he/she will be influencing / connecting your brand towards consumers. If we are looking into Nirma Advance TVC campaign, it doesn’t give any fruitful impact rather than only dance. So far 16.33 Lacs + audience have been seen this TVC on youtube & you will find more than 90% debate/comments about Hrithik Roshan’s dance only as well as audience are likely preferring  to see Hrithik. Hence, here Brand visibility strength & Communication integrity is appearing like void except new punch line which is also not effectual at all.

By looking into the branding prospect, it is not an ideal combination between Nirma Advance brand & celebrity which can be accepted by consumers. It could be much better If it has sustained with familiar old campaign ‘washing powder Nirma..’ and could released in unique/innovative way. BY finding the gap between buyers & rivals, there are many other features can highlight along with stain remove. Even though brands like Ghari, Surf Excel, Ariel , Rin, Tide focus on only stain removal which is already being known by consumers hence it is better to convey value additional features too like brand Woosh  detergent powder containing good amount of fragrance rather than the other rival brands. 

In context of washing machine, brands like Surf Excel & Ariel which are greatly focusing on Front/Top Load powder and campaigns are likely conveying similar message of stain removal by visualizing advance tech/formula. So, it is much better that cross advertising strategy can execute conceptually which should representing a value additional features by integrating of powder & washing machine. 

There is a huge untapped urban & rural market across India and consumers are now adopting detergent powder not only in Urban but also in rural market too. More than 73% middle class & above consumers are buying detergent powder only from Mall, Modern Trade & Hyper/Super market and their purchase period either weekly or monthly basis so they  are preferring to buy 1kg or above packing. Eventually, the strategy should be more in favor of value additional features & CSR based like Ghari brand is associated with ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign which is precise integration.

An Effective Communication only builds up Consumers Connection…

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