Tuesday, October 17, 2017

140 characters with Twitter

14 Points X 10 times: Power of 140 Characters

(1) Easy communication & convey message to mass globally.
(2) Building strong categorize engaging community network.
(3) Relevant subjectively group discussion/chat with experts guest.
(4) Easy & quick Share/ gather precise information.
(5) Highlight URL, Punch line/Tagline/Campaign, influence of Hashtag and getting infinite RT.
(6) Contest Trend growing well where brand engaging ratio stronger.
(7) Huge online market gap which can cover globally.
(8) Quick brand awareness, audience feedback & make decision.
(9) 140 characters playing role like news Headline where audience can visit in-depth only if interest. Hence, easy to convey message which you want to highlight only.
(10) Various group community member are enjoying diff. chats, engage & connect in 140 characters
(11) Fast customer services taking into action, register your complain/queries etc. directly to the respective brands.
(12) Professionally is very supportive because core part/USP of twitter itself is 140 characters where there is always challenge & force to create an engaging content.
(13) Creating trend on various theme based campaign with #Tag like CSR, Festive, sales/promotional etc.
(14) Ultimately, It can create remarkable brand identity globally.

If these 14 points can bring your brand effectively in consumers mind, then it doesn’t need to increase the limits from 140 to 280 characters. It would be better to continue with 140 because audience may disappoint if increase the characters limit which can impact on brad image.

140 Characters = According to current market trend: Combination of Brands, Customers & Digital Marketers/Bloggers 

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