Sunday, March 27, 2011

98.3+ 94.3+ 91.1+ 92.7+ 95.0+ 93.5+ 104.0 FM = Listners

Booming in Radio FM  and also increasing the craze of radio. On otherside healthy fights between radio fm station on every week. Ups and down no.1 , no.2, no.3 radio station in this week. Majority fights between

98.3 (Radio mirchi) + 94.3 (My fm , bhaskar group) + 91.1 fm (Radio city) + 95.0 (Radio one, mid day group) + 92.7 fm (Big fm, reliance) + 93.5 fm (Red fm, sun group) + 104.0 fm (Fever fm) =  Listners, listners,listners,listners,listners.......

Every radio station has its own uniqueness or competency and to stay in market they are launching various service. Radio are playing with three players.

(1) Music+ R.J.(Entertainment, news etc.)
(2) Advertising (Radio ad)
(3) Listner

All these three are very important to running radio business, it is hand of radio. Without these things, radio can not live. Listners is opening batsman of radio.....forever. Now we move to important part that the scenario of radio is becoming more entertainment-musical as compared to ad. The day by day radio is launching new musical services for their listner.

If you will analyse that the main goal of radio is became increase listnership by providing various service and it is effecting to advertisers slowly slowly. Because listners interest more to listen music, some extent R.J, news etc. except ad.

(A) Since 1 year Radio one 95.0 fm (Mid day group) after taking listner survey, it has launched service " 1 hour me 13 songs, challenge. Kisi bhe radio station me nahe he." Even they are less focus on ad.

(B) And now just recently, My fm 94.3 (bhaskar group) launched service that "1 hour me 11 songs, varna 11 lakh ruppe aapke".

(3) Remaining others will coming soon by different service.......

Conclusion:- Now radio station is focusing more towards entertainment for listners and to take no.1 position. And ads will be reducing.. 

                          Therefore, Listners are king........

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