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Primary Objective of Toothpaste (Any brand): - Germs protection & prevent from Gingivitis, stains, plaque, Cavities Tooth & Root, Tartar, weak enamel etc.

DATE: - 11-08-13


Today (date : 11-08-13) Pepsodent has introduced new brand “New Pepsodent Germi Attack” across India & released print advertisement in leading news paper’s all edition of India.  It has shown directly comparison between Pepsodent (Brand of Hindustan Unilever Ltd.) & Colgate (Brand of Colgate Palmolive) which may say that against policy/ethics. And, in advertisement, Pepsodent is claiming that “New Pepsodent Germi Attack” delivering 130% power against germs while Colgate is delivering only 100%. Will consumers believe this? Or will consumers be switching over brand from Colgate to Pepsodent by mentioning this USP? I don’t think so. Because …

Today, Pepsodent has been executed very poor strategy which can never expect from such huge company /brand. There are 100+ innovative & creative ways available to introduce anything about brand where you can acquire consumers as well as make your consumers brand loyal. Then, why are using such strategy which can effect on your parent brand, corporate identity, brand equity, brand image. Because, over the years Consumers (Rural & Urban) are very well aware about brand Colgate which is leading brand in toothpaste category as well as also giving results. An, today consumers are already being used both brands Pepsodent as well as Colgate.

It is very difficult to switching over brand Colgate to Pepsodent but by such way it can not acquire consumers or brand switchers. Today, consumers are know everything that how companies are attracting, how they offering by promotional ways, how they influencing etc.

Here Print Advertisement which has been released in all edition across India:-

Divya Bhaskar (Gujarati Daily):-

Hindustan Times (English Daily):-

Copy Writing Strategy: - PEPSODENT – NOW BETTER THAN COLGATE STRONG TEETH. DELIVERS 130% GERM ATTACK POWER.  From the mentioned copy writing - Should we understand that prior Pepsodent was not giving better protection than Colgate / not better that Colgate? However, consumers are being using continue Pepsodent as well as Colgate brand.  

Note (Mentioned in bottom of an advertisement): - “Creative Visualization of the Action of Triclosan. NEW PEPSODENT GERMICHECK enhances delivery of Triclosan in the mouth Claim based on In-Vivo Study where Germs Attack Power refers to amount of Triclosan remaining in mouth, 4 hours after brushing, where COLGATE STRONG TEETH is indexed 100% & NEW PEPSODENT GERMI CHECK IS 130%. Brush Twice daily”.

Definition & Concept of Triclosan (Source – Wikipedia):-   
Triclosan is an antibacterial and antifungal agent. It is a polychloro phenoxy phenol. Though many consumer products contain Triclosan, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at the present time there is no evidence that Triclosan in personal care products provides an extra benefit to health beyond its anti-gingivitis effect in toothpaste. The FDA does not recommend changing consumer use of Triclosan containing products one way or the other due to currently insufficient safety evidence. Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found Triclosan to be an effective antibacterial. Triclosan safety is currently under review by the FDA and Health Canada.

Television Commercial Released:

This advertisement can not give any impact on Colgate because it is very strong brand worldwide. And, it can not acquire consumers by showing such facts. It would be better if Pepsodent has been released new brand by other way.

But, it will be better that if Colgate is not come & execute the same strategy as been used by Pepsodent. Otherwise, it will give impact on brand image of Colgate too.

Let’s See What action will be taking by Colgate!

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