Saturday, September 21, 2013

Snack Time, Fanta Time by Fanta

Fanta has carried on “Zyada Fanta, Zyada Masti (More Fanta, More Fun), rolled out new campaign with “Snack Time, Fanta Time”. This is the merely brand in entire soft drink market which has been released 3D campaign with animated protagonist since more than two years.

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The new campaign ““Snack Time, Fanta Time”, is trying to change perception and precisely conveying that take Fanta during snack time. Fanta has executed innovative campaign with good strategy and emphasize on to change consumer perception. Traditionally, people are drinking tea/coffee during snack time in India (Including youth). Though, Fanta is mainly targeting to young group consumers.

Two brands in India have been changed utmost consumers perception:-
(1) When any celebration, occasion, begin anything new or festival comes, consumers are preferring Cadbury Dairy Milk as Sweet. Since launching campaign “Kuchh Mitha Ho Jaye (Let’s have something sweet) by Cadbury Dairy Milk, being getting huge success and sorely touching emotionally.

(2) When Wednesday is coming, it reminisce that Hafte ka Sabse Sasta Din (Economy day of Week for buying any household items) by Big Bazar (Giant Retail Outlet & brand of Future Group).

This can be really good attempt to build brand image in mind of consumer because today consumers are willingly want to change, finding new things and if such campaign will be commencing to “Click”, brand will become strong. Campaign should be endure with same message like Cadbury Dairy Milk and if Fanta can endure its campaign “Snack Time, Fanta Time” at regular interval, it has chance to go hit against rival brand Mirinda (PepsiCo).


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