Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sunfeast Farmlite by ITC

Brand Sunfeast from the house of ITC, has cultivated strong brand equity in biscuit industry as well as in consumers mind. Recently, it has extended portfolio in health premium segment and launched brand ‘Sunfeast Farmlite’ on 25th April’14 at Bengaluru Airport. Sunfeast Farmlite is targeting health conscious people and it is available in two variants Oat & Almond and Oat & Raisin.

Brand launched with on ground promotional activity and distributed 1.50 lacs free sampling with simple message “Pick Me” at Bengaluru Airport. On –ground activity is one of the best strategy where you can connect direct end-users, brand reach level very high, generate strong awareness, get prompt review & feedback, brand recalling, and interact with end-users appropriately.

Being a premium brand, launching strategy has executed on right place where target audience are certainly available and formed farm sort of atmosphere which is related to brand essence & feel.

Bengaluru Airport - On ground Activity - Brand Launch
Brand Sunfeast Health Biscuits Portfolio:- Marie light, Milky Magic, Glucose & now Farmlite

Today, health conscious segment is expanding and companies are launching variety of products in food & beverages category which is related to health conscious segment as brand extension. Companies are covering untapped market & develop new market by launching products in this segment whereas consumers too willingly ready & showing acceptance level up to some extent especially in India.

In India, within the 5 years many companies have been launched health conscious related brand in food, bakery & biscuits, snacks, beverages in order to change perception of consumers as well as fulfill consumers’ demand who are health conscious & suffering from disease like diabetes, cholesterol. The real situation in India is like “Consumers are buying products in food bakery, biscuits, snacks, beverages category but level of perception towards it very low or consumers are not consider as health benefit, they are buying and consider as just ‘Taste’. Even though brands like Kellogs, McDonald are being tried to change perception by launching products morning breakfast and McDonald have been launched morning breakfast menu in India though it has not been success as expected and acceptance level is there up to some extent but considering as healthy breakfast perception level is low.  

The same way in health biscuits category brands like Britania NutriChoice, Horlicks Nutribic, Mcvities Digestive, Parle Actifit Marie Digestive and few others are being targeted to health conscious consumers whereas Sunfeast Farmlite is targeting same but it is focused on premium/upper class segment. Moreover, price of Sunfeast Farmlite INR 50 of 150gm which is bit higher than rivals. Though, Britania NutriChoice having well brand image & value. However trying to cover & establish segment market.

Brand image, value and recognition can consider only when consumer perceived value towards it. Usually people are saying I like so n so biscuits/snacks etc. because overall good taste or like to eat with Tea/coffee etc. but only few or less people will saying that I like it because I am feeling good for my health or I can work much better etc. In India, when buyers asking about glucose biscuits, first name comes Parle-G. . Why? Because consumers having perceived value towards brand & feeling result of Parle-G glucose biscuits. Brand can become strong when consumer feel it and it value will increase automatically.

All health biscuits brands having an opportunity to build brand like consumers must feel & perceive value of brand. Let’s see how Sunfeast Farmlite will change consumer’s perception…

Product acceptance level + Consumer perception level high = Strong Brand Equity 

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