Monday, July 28, 2014

Honda is Honda

First ever an astonishing & clutter breaking corporate campaign is initiated by Honda across India. The TVC Campaign end with “Zameen se jab hum paon uthte hain, pankh apne aap lag jaate hain” (When we take our feet off the ground, we get our wings) and emphasizing on ‘Honda is Honda’. Honda is solely emerging in Indian market now. The campaign has covered various segments of audience & places like children, villagers, younger people (including male/female), Honda riding scooter & bike, religion saint, foreign tourist etc. & catching their eyes towards skydivers who are flying and making shape of Honda ‘Wings’ logo.

Television Commercial: - (Honda Wings)

Subsidiary brands of Honda Motor Company Ltd.:-

(1)  Honda Acura: - Luxury car brand based at Japan
(2) Honda Racing Corporation: - Specially manufacturing sports car - Racing cars)
(3) Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India: - Two – Wheeler
(4) Honda Performance Development: - Specially manufacturi
ng sports motorcycle
(5) Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.:- Automobile manufacturing incorporated in China. It is joint venture between Dongfeng Motor Corp. & Honda Motor Co.
(6) Honda Cars India: - Manufacturing cars
(7) Honda Aircraft company (Brand known as Honda Jet):- Incorporated in United States
(8) Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.:- Joint venture between Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Company & Honda Motor Co.

Branding & Communication Strategy:-
Honda ‘Wings’ a clutter-breaking concept really exerted well in1.34 minutes TVC corporate campaign launched in India by Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) & touched heart millions of Indian people. The entire campaign is conveying message not only brand value but also expressing consumers/customers value too who aspiring their dreams come true with Honda. When Sky divers is shaping Honda ‘Wings’ logo, brand itself is expressing brand value & brand recognition towards consumer’s mind. Honda has done well-planned pre-production, period, post-production & execution by strategically, this could happen only when communication brief planned precisely. HMSI (Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India) has executed first phase of teaser campaign through digitally and subsequently entire campaign is consecutively on-air on TVC, Print and OOH across India.

At the end of 2010, after dissolving joint venture between Honda Motor Co. (Japan) & Hero Cycle (India). Subsequently in Aug. 2011, Hero cycle has come up with renamed as Hero Moto Corp & launched corporate campaign ‘Hum mein hain Hero’ i.e. (Hero inside in us) with communicating Hero Honda is now Hero Moto Corp. And, Honda has been introduced its first corporate campaign in June 2012 which was conveying message like Hamein Jaldi Hain i.e. (We are in hurry) and campaign was ending with the voice of Mr. Akshay Kumar (who is being endorsed brand Honda in India) Sach kardenge sapne (Dream comes true). 

Television Commercial:-  (1st campaign launched in June’12)

Strategically, the aim of Honda was conveying message that the existence of Honda in Indian market will be continuing as a solitary brand with tagline “The power of dream”.  And, in 2nd phase of strategy after becoming a market leader with 52% in scooter segment and achieved 40% growth in motorcycle segment within the month of Apr. ’14, Honda has launched ‘Wings’ corporate campaign with innovative concept of sky divers & established as strong brand equity in Indian home ground because Honda brand is being identifying as best in technology, quality & innovation since joint venture with Hero.

Market Share in%
Market graph is precisely showing that how Honda is growing in scooter & motorcycle segment against rival brand and consistently striving to ahead of Hero Moto Corp. (For Motorcycle segment).

Moreover, ‘Honda is Honda’ campaign is driving trust, building brand identity & equity through only ‘wings’ by drawing attention of consumers. The purpose is to become brand loyal whenever consumers see ‘wings’ or having any dreams/goals, Honda must come first in mind of consumers which is been reflecting by this corporate campaign.

Definitely, Honda will influence on rival brands & an opportunity to become brand leader as well as brand loyal in Indian market.

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